Wednesday, December 30

The 12 Fails of Christmas

Thought I would take a few minutes to bring you all up to speed.
In keeping with the theme, "Things I would never do"
Here's my version of
Things we "didn't" do at Christmas

1) I never ate all the christmas cookies, then had to run to the corner store at 9:00 on Christmas eve to buy a pack of powdered donuts to leave for "Santa".  He did however, leave Trinity a note saying they were his favorite, so all was good.

2) I  never told Trinity that McDonald's was closed for the holidays.

3) I also never told Trinity that her new Hanna Montana Concert Stage (complete with songs, cheers from screaming girls, and flashing lights) ran out of batteries.  ~ Sorry Mama Connie, I needed a break.

4) In a mad rush to get ready for Christmas morning , I definately did NOT sweep the floor and then push it under the rug and couch until later in the day.

5) I did buy Trinity some of her favority candy treats for her stocking.  What I did NOT do on Christmas Eve was change my mind, and keep half of them for myself.  I also did not eat all of the "said candy" that night before I went to bed.

6)  I did not leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute, like all the other years before.

7) I did not leave a load of laundry in the washer for 4 days, only to wonder what that awful smell was on the 5th day.

8) I did not open a package of shortbread cookies from my stepmother, and then eat them ALL on the way home. 

9) I definately did not say something inappropriate and stupid during Christmas dinner, and inadvertenlty start world war 3, between members of Trinity's extended family. 

10)  I did not spend the rest of the night in tears because of saying something out of line to someone I care about.

11) I would never think about telling Trinity that Santa is coming in the morning to take all the toys back if she calls me a jerk one more time!!!

12) I most certainly would never, ever run out of batteries for the camera which would result in having only one picture taken Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays!!! ;)


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Oh no! Sounds like an, uhm, entertaining holiday season for you guys so far. Thanks for sharing and being as open and honest as always. Much love as the new year begins!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Sounds like the perfect Christmas and did a great job!

otin said...

Oh, I can relate to #7 #9 and #10!

She still calling you a jerk???(You did eat her candy, I'm just saying!) LOL!

FeliciaE said...

Sounds like it went off pretty well.

EcoMeg said...

Ha ha ha! I definitely did not tell my sons that Santa would return and "take back some toys because you haven't been cooperating nicely." No way, not me!

magda said...

I am comforted to hear that you did not do any of those things. I did not get a hemorrhoid so big that I need a sling or a bra to support it. That hemorrhoid did not come from non-stop grubbing on meat,cheese, and chocolate in place of vegetables, salads, and fresh fruit.

I am sorry for your xmas dinner turmoil. In your defense, it totally wasn't your fault, you know?

mudmama said...

LOVIN' that honesty! Now really, would it truly be the holidays without a little drama? ;) xoxo