Thursday, December 3

Inconsistency. Is there an Award for that??

Seriously people, it's getting a little frustrating how life just keeps cutting into my blogging time!

Some kind of weird creative block is taking over my brain.  I DONT LIKE IT ONE BIT!!
I'm sitting here, fingers on the keyboard and then........ NOTHING.  I got nuthin'
Well, I shouldn't say, "nothing".  Lots has been going on that would make great posts, but I can't bring myself to sit and write about them in detail. 

Like, for instance; Good ole' S-A-M is up to his usual "kissy face" antics. They are getting married, but not until they're older ~ like, grade 2 or something.  Lord help me!

And then there was the trip to the Dollar Store (which was almost as funny as, but I will save that for another day. 

Or, the fact that Trinity's list for Santa is now 4 pages long.  Everytime she sits down to watch TV, she gets out her pen and paper, and waits for the commercials; poised and ready to write.  Hysterical.

Or,  the time I checked my hope chest last weekend, found my baby book with a family tree filled out, and found out that my great, great grandmother's name was AMELIA! (still reeling from that one)

Or, tonight we had a bubble bath together and she farted in the tub.  We giggled at this, and continued playing for a couple of minutes when I noticed something floating in the water just below my left knee. At first, I just thought it was a piece of .... I don't know what.  So, I attempted to grab it with my FINGERS ~ WITH MY FINGERS, people!!!
I fished around, caught it, and began squashing it in an attempt to identify the UFO (unknown floating object).  Then ever so slowly my brain caught up with what was going on.  YUP, it was a little piece of "poop". I'll just leave it at that. 

So, suffice to say the material is there ~  Maybe I'll just stick to point form for now. 

But, despite my absence I did manage to win a couple of AWARDS  from a  fellow bloggers.
The first one is from Ali,  over at The Balancing Act of One Chic Mommy  .  If you haven't been to visit her yet, then you should go there right away.... I'll wait.  She is a wonderful lady, with a great style all her own.  I always look forward to her posts.  Thank you so much Ali for my award, and for thinking that my blog is "heartfelt".  How awsome is that???

I will make sure to pass this award along in tomorrow's post. 
There are so many blogs that I feel are heartfelt as well, it's gonna be tough only picking a few.

The next one is from another fellow bloggy friend that I absolutely adore.  Her name is Janie, and you can find her at  Life not Wasted or Lost .  She is an amazing woman, grandmother, art teacher, writer... the list goes on.  Her spirit, and love for her family is inspiring. If you get a chance, make sure to stop by and visit her. 
Thank you, Lisa.  I "heart" you too !!!


otin said...

For someone with no idea what to post about, that was pretty entertaining! Suddenly, the thought of you sitting in a ubble bath has been slightly tainted! HAHAHA!

magda said...

The Amelia "co-incidence"is almost as noteworthy as the fact that you actually have a hope chest. zoix.

At what age does our children's gas go from being a poot to a fart?

Enjoy your weekend.

blueviolet said...

Consistent or inconsistent, I'm just happy you're posting at all! I missed you!

Anything dark and shadowy in the neighborhood of a naked butt must be quarantined before approach. Remember that!

Amy said...

Wow and yucky bath time... I hope you have a great weekend. Yeah on all of your awards.

Christine said...

Aww, you are not alone! But there are no awards for inconsistent blogging, I fear. Maybe we could create one?
Like with a little pen or keyboard laying in bed with a blanket over it....LMAO.

I myself tried NaBloPoMo for a couple of days...but after scrounging around for pictures to caption and creating a Haiku, I broke under pressure:) I could no more blog everyday than exercise. Like real exercise...with weights & balls and crap.)

Good to see your post...poop & all!

Lisa said...

THIS is exactly why we miss you so much when you've not posted for a few days! From puppy love to ghostly great grandmothers to tainted bathtimes and heartfelt awards -- you truly are entertainment at its finest!

Corrie Howe said...

My kids have long Christmas lists too, but I've trained them to keep their lists down to something reasonable. But they start talking about "for my birthday" or "for Christmas" as soon at the day passes.

I agree with Otin, you did have a lot to say for not having a lot to say.

kys said...

I wondered where you were. My kids have poo'ed in the tub more times than I like to remember. Thankfully, I was never in there with them when it happened.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh, what a nice relaxing bubble bath. Calgon, take me away! :)

Delaney threw up in the bath the other day. Not as easy to clean up as you might think...

After naming Nickolas, I learned that it was my great-grandfather's middle name. After naming Samuel, I discovered that my great-grandfather (on the other side) middle name was Samuel. Strange.

Love your posts...missed ya!

Janie B said...

Love that Amelia really IS in your family history. Wow! Also, I'm not offended at all, but for future's not Lisa. It's Janie B. (It's okay...I have a fear of doing that, too.)

Michele said...

OMG.... Miss Janie B. I was TOTALLY trying to do two things at once and wrote LISA instead.

Talk about your EPIC FAIL!!!

I'm so, so, so, sorry darlin!!
I completely know who you are ~ can't believe I did that.
It's fixed now..
I'm so embarassed ;9
"Mum~dumb" is alive and well over here... LOL

ModernMom said...

A little something floatin in the tub! Oh good grief hon! You deserve an award for not freakin out when you figured out it was not an oh henry!

Matty said...

I'm in the same boat with life getting in the way of blogging.

And thanks for the good laugh about the submarine in the tub.

Congratulations on the awards.

Amo said...

I would have freaked out over the poop in the tub! Ack and ick! I'm not sure how I would have handled that! Yuck yuck yuck! You had a lot to say! You just thought it was nothing!

mudmama said...

Writers block my arse, you were totally cracking me up with your poop story, OMG. OMG!!!!
And the Amelia thing is TOTALLY freaking me out! You have got to try to get a little more info out of her when the time is right!

CanadianMama said...

WOW, I keep thinking about that reincarnation thing - crazy! Trinity is an old soul for sure!
ps. Sorry about the poop haha!