Saturday, December 5

A Lovely little snow day!!1

There is one crazy ass storm blowing through my little corner of the world.
In the words of a  5 yr old classmate of Trinity's today
"I haven't seen a blizzard like this in YEARS !!!"
Your Weather: Isn't this weather lovely? - The Weather Network

Seriously though, the wind is gusting so hard, it's shaking the house.
Call me weird, but I love it! I love any kind of "severe" weather. 
Funny thing is, I live in southern Alberta ~ which means in a couple of days
one our famous chinooks will blow in, and we'll all be running around in t-shirts !!! 
Hopefully the storm will end soon, or I fear the whole city will be buried in the stuff by morning. 
And I simply do not have enough Hot chocolate and Bailey's to last until someone could dig me out!!! (ya know, the important stuff to have on hand during any crisis) LOL


'Manda said...

I love severe weather too. I'm in NC though so it's usually thunder storms. I wish it was snow but we hardly ever get any. That's so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. :)

Theta Mom said...

Wow, snow already! Actually, here in NJ, we might get a mix later today! BTW, So great to see you again girl! Thank you for finding me again since my move to WP. I missed ya! ;)

Jenners said...

We're supposed to get some snow today but this is NJ so I'm sure it means "light dusting." Everyone will freak out anyway. I actually like being stuck inside during severe weather (as long as I'm not in any real danger). As long as it doesn't last more than 2 days, I think it is kind of fun.

And I love that you mentioned chinooks!!! My family lives in Montana and has them all the time. The first year we experienced them, it freaked us out! No one here on the East know what we are talking about. I think of them as Nature's way of shoveling the snow!

And I love when young children refer to stuff like they have a lifetime of experience. My 5-year-old said the other day "Daddy, your birthday was AGES ago ... back in March."

Mrsblogalot said...

OMG snow!!! I think NY might get something today but nothing like that! Stay inside and warm!!!! xoxoxMelyssa

SugarBritches said...

I love weather like that. The kind that makes you not even want to step foot outside, just watch it from the cozy warmth of your living room. I've been lobbying for a move to Canada for years because global warming has made it where we never ever get snow anymore where I live. We used to get at least a few feet every winter but that has dwindled to a few inches.

magda said...

The wind. I love wind. While I am sharp enough to use context clues to determine meaning for chinook, I must go wikipedia it now. Thanks for the enlightenment. Stay warm, Michelle. I will think of you as I peel off my French Terry hoodie mid-day at the park when it gets too warm.

I chinook you.
When teaching first grade, students often too lazy to compose meaningful sentences with spelling words would deliver this regularly.

I have a chinook.
My mom has a chinook.
I want a chinook.
I love chinooks.
Chinooks are good.
That is a chinook.

I don't think they were ever asked to
use chinook in a senetence:) Usually it was something along the lines of "blue or square"

otin said...

I am all about having a good storm! As long as my house is not damaged, I say, bring it on!!!

mudmama said...

Look at you, being all "posty"! I love it! That snow sure is pretty! I am kind of a freeze baby, but I would love to hang out inside and watch it with some hot chocolate and baileys with ya! Then you can come down here for some tornados and tequila, haha.

mudmama said...

Actually, here in Tennessee there aren't really any tornados this time of year. It is cold (for me!) but we usually only get a couple of minor snows a year and everybody TOTALLY freaks out, schools close and it total chaos!
Enjoy your weather, sweetie

Amy said...

We had the snow yesterday and more is to come. Not happy about it either.

Brian Miller said...

its snowing here today! yay!

Amo said...

I wish it would snow here! I love any type of severe weather, too, except for tornadoes. Here in the south, we tend to see those a lot. But, I love thunderstorms and snowstorms and windy weather! I feel so cozy being warm inside the house!

Missy said...

I love severe weather. And, yes, that makes us weird!

EcoMeg said...

I miss snow! Used to live back East, now in Texas. Got a dusting the other day for a fraction of a second and was filled with nostalgia. Enjoy your snow!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Totally beautiful. Is that a picture that you took? And if so, TODAY? We had lots of rain today, and my parents are in NY and said they were expecting flurries, but wow. Crazy! :D Stay warm w. some hot cocoa!

Pink Haired Momma said...

WOW! and i thought our little gust of christmas snow in texas was wild. You guys look to have quite the storm. But man it is beautiful! Hot chocolate and baileys sounds divine!!

Christine said...

Ooooh, a Snow Day! How I used to long for them...
We've gotten about 1" in the last day and pffft...I realize that I need new tires b/c my vehicle did a non-stop at an intersection and scared me half to death...and the dude in the other truck too. Yikes.
So, I think I'll be on self-imposed snow day seclusion, at least until the tire shop opens on Tuesday. :D
Lucky me!

blueviolet said...

You love severe weather? What the heck is that all about?

I hope you really weren't buried too deeply!

kys said...

We had a wee bit of snow yesterday morning. The boys were dying to play in it. There wasn't even enough to make a snowball.