Wednesday, October 21

What about "Sam"

I'll get right to it...

Yesterday, I was 5 minutes late picking Trin up from Kindergarten. She is waiting in the office with a few other kids who were also waiting for their forgetful busy mothers to come get them.

She is not sitting with the other children though. She is in the staff lounge, "yukin' it up" with the Vice Principal, and one of the third grade teachers. They are laughing. They seem amused.
Instantly, I'm nervous.
I wait for a moment, they glance up at me... and then, sure enough, it happens... 
I got the dreaded  "wink and smile"  
Now, as all you moms know, the "wink and smile" usually means that your sweet child has most likely shared one of your most private and embarassing moments of motherhood. 

Trinity see's me, quickly gathers her things, says goodbye to her new "friends"...

"That's quite the little girl you have there" says Mr. Vice Principal guy.
I turn and smile. It's not a real smile, mind you... it's the "oh my gawd what did she say?? " kind of smile.
"Oh yeah, she keeps me laughing".  I reply.
"I'll bet"
Yup, right there.  There it is.  "I'll bet"??? I don't even want to know.  START THE CAR!!!

Fast forward ~ driving home:

"So...How was your day?"

"It was just great!"

"Really, what did you do?"  (Awww, that's nice.  She had a good day.)

"I kissed Sam"

"You did hey?"  (SAM??? Again with SAM??? Who the hell is this kid? )

"Ya, he liked it. Then, you know, he kinda like ~ well, he kissed me back"

"Uh huh. I see. Well, who doesn't like kisses hey?"  (Let's see how much he likes it when I rip his little lips off and staple them to his  Optimus Prime backpack)

"And then, ya know what??? He kissed Maddie too "

"Oh, really."  (This kid gets around. Again... who the HELL IS SAM??? Is he that little red-headed kid?... I bet he's the little red-headed kid!!! )

" Yup.  Then Maddie kissed him back.  And then, I kissed him again. Then Maddie kissed him. Then he kissed Maddie.  Then Maddie kissed me, and I kissed her. Then we both kissed Sam again."

"Well, sounds like your day was just a big "kissy-fest".  (Sounds like your day was just a big, kissy-fest freakin' ORGY!!!!)

"Yeah.  I think I'm going to like this school thing." 

"Well, my little kiss-monster, I'm glad you're liking school." ( I wonder how you'll like being homeschooled while chained in the basement till your 30?)

"Can we go McDonalds for supper? "

"I don't see why not." ( Oh good, we're done talking about Sam... )

 " Yayayayay...  Sam said he's gonna be there."

"Um, no.  I forgot.  We're having BEANS for supper."

Tuesday, October 20

Liz Beans Part deux

Following my late night post yesterday... the ever inquisitive Trinity woke this
morning with absolutely NO recollection of her ramblings the night before.
Can I get a big "WHEW"!!
And when I suggested BEANS with dinner ~ twice ??
This is what I got

Yup... that's how much she dislikes "beans".  Oddly enough she eats them at her
Dad's place, with a smile no less.  I think one of them must be a big, fat, liar.

This is also the face that is "NOT TALKING TO ME UNTIL
CHRISTMAS"(again) simply because I asked her please stop feeding
the goldfish bacon bits. Funny.
And that I handled, with a smile.

But this is what totally slayed me today:
Upon picking her up from kindergarten,  I ask ( as always)
"How was your day, m' love?" to which she replied, with a quick flip of her hair.

"Aw, ya know... the usual. Everybody loves me"


Monday, October 19

Liz Beans... not that there's anything wrong with that!!

It's late. Very late.
I'm sitting on my computer, visiting blogs, watching U-tube vid's....
waiting for that damn insomnia fairy to leave me the hell alone ~
just for one night!

When I hear familiar little footsteps shuffle towards my bedroom.
There she is, all squinty eyed with the swagger of a drunken sailer,
trying to navigate her way onto my bed by the light of my computer screen.

As she calls to me with outstretched arms, asking for a snuggle
She starts to ramble, and this is what she says.... I kid you not,

"Mommy??? I just love you so much... when I grow up can we get
married? I thought about this A LOT, and I decided I don't want to marry
Daddy anymore. I want to marry you.
How come we have to marry boys when we get big?  Why can't we marry girls?
I think that would be more fun. Boys don't like to play with Barbies, and that's just silly.  If we get married, does that make us " Liz beans", cuz that's what Sam at school said." 

WHOA, whoa, whooooaaa!!! It's 2:00 in the morning. Wha???
Am I about to have this conversation right now? Where did THIS come from?
Did I hear her right? whajuswhosamithingy? And who the hell is Sam?

She continues... "Mommy, what's a "Liz bean"? Do you have to join a club or something?
I don't like beans, I hope you don't have to eat alot of beans.

I kiss her sweaty little forehead, and tell her that if she wants to marry Mommy, that's just fine.
I don't know why we can't marry girls, but if that's what you decide, then I don't
see why not. Go to sleep now, my love, my little 5YEAR OLD,  and we'll talk more
about it... in like, 10 years or so. Maybe 9... no less than 8.  in the morning.

Now, I'm really WIDE AWAKE. 
And headed downstairs for something stronger than freakin' Camomille Tea.
Any suggestions on this one??? I'll be here.... waiting. And praying that she
wakes up and doesn't remember a thing.

Sunday, October 18

Great quote

I recently found this quote in my travels on Keeping up iwth the Schultz Family .
A great blog, and a great lady as well.  This one made me stop and think about the
relationships we build here in the bloggy world too.  Just had to share :)

Female friendships that work are relationships in which
women help each other belong to themselves.

~Louise Bernikow

Bog Awards... they're everwhere!!!!

Wow... I have been such a slacker on my posting the last couple of days!!!
Thanks so much for all the "comment love" !!
I forgot to add, that she was TOTALLY FARTING on her dad in that
ALSO.... recieved 2 more awards from fellow bloggy friends this weekend!
How cool is that.... :) Could I BE more appriciative ~ probably not.
Thank you SOOO very much to my friend at "Deal"ightfully Frugal  for
another one of these:

She has one of the best money saving blogs out there. And her posts about "life in general"
always make me smile.  She is a very special lady ~ Sooo sweet, and I absolutely
love her site!!! If you haven't checked her out, go there now!!

The second award comes from my friend and loyal follower, EcoMeg . She also has one
of the best blogs out there for "going green" and parenting.  Her site is filled
with all kinds of amazing stuff. A lot of time, effort, and love goes into all that
she does.  Definately check her out. I absolutely love her !!! And she was kind
enough to give me another one of these!!! (wow)

So, I'm suppose to tell about "10 Honest things about me".  This makes me go...
Hmmmm.  But here goes,
1. I LOVE cookies. Could live on cookies.
2. I have more Pyjamas’ than any other item of clothing. I loves Pyjamas
3. I was adopted at birth.
4. I had a cat for 19 years. His name was “Reefer”. I had him cremated.I now have
    a jar marked “Reefer” on my mantle
5. Yes, (in my youth) I have smoked Pot.
6. I cannot tolerate the sound of a barking dog.
7. My nickname as a small child was "Mishy-Boo". I remember how weird
     it felt when my parents outgrew calling me that.
8. The most powerful, life-changing thing anyone has ever said to me
    came from a complete stranger.
9. I slept with the same stuffed animal until I was 14. His name was “Fluffy”.    He
    knew ALL my secrets and dreams. I gave him to a very special little boy that I
    hope to see again one day.
10. I have no regrets.

Whew... there ya have it.  Thanks again for the awards. ..
And now,
I have one of my own, that I would like to foward on to a few of my favorite Bloggy Friends:
I am going to call it the "PIMP" award... (Pee'd in my Pants)

This award is self explanitory.  Here goes,
Jenna In the DItch
Diapers and Wine
Speaking from the Crib
Why Mom Drinks Rum
Good Girl Gone Redneck
If Evolution Really Works...
Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver
How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
There are many more... but I'll start with these ones for now.
 Make sure to check them out!!!
They have made me PEE IN MY PANTS on more than one occasion.
If you have a  PIMP  kind of blog that you would like to share,
pass this award along to them in your next post, so we can all "PEE" togther!!!

Friday, October 16

Friday Flashback

Best Blog Award... wha???

Okay... I seriously don't know what to say. But I will start by saying thank
you to my friend Felicia at  Living Just Like Grandma. She is a super sweet mom,
with the cutest little girl ever. She has some great posts that are worth checking out!
Thank you so much again, Felicia... I'm totally flattered that you thought of me.

Thursday, October 15

Quiet time

I must confess that I am not much for writing any good posts this week.
I'm blaming it on my ass, and the fact that it's broken from the fall.
So, I have decided to resort to the "visual" funny stuff to make your visit
here worth while, rather than any real content of my own.  Le sigh.

This was me ~ for the better part of the day!!!
Apparhently, I have been given 2 more awards from fellow bloggers...
I have not forgotten about you.  Will post a reply shortly. Although, it is
getting a little embarassing ;)
I have THE BEST FOLLOWERS IN THE WORLD.  I feel like such a
wanker, for not posting anything decent this week.  Stupid tailbone!

Thousand Words Thursday (2)

I love those "candid shots" when they don't
know you're watching. This is one of my fav's...

Cheaper Than Therapy

Wednesday, October 14

Another great AWARD... wow

WOW... another award.  I love this one.  I've seen it around the bloggy
world, and thought it was so cool. 

This one is from Angela at The Suburban Jungle .  It's a wonderful blog,
full of tips for healthy eating, saving money and giveaways.  I love this site.
She has wonderful ideas and I always make sure to check her out every day!!
If you haven't been there yet... you should definately check it out. Thank you soooo much, Darlin.
You made my day!

Here are the rules:
1) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content
and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
2) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and
inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.
3) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.

1. Once, when I was a teenager (on a dare) I ate a small, peeled grape….
Through my left nostril, or was it the right? Not sure. Not sure why this was
the first thing that came to mind….
2. I have 2 “best days of my life”, so far…the birth of my daughter, and
 hanging out with Brad Pitt.
3. I have a rare disease called Sarcoidosis. I have a better chance at being
hit by lightning than dying from it.
4. The first time I got drunk, I was 7. Christmas Day. Big Italian Feast. 26
relatives for dinner, all gave me a “sip” of wine. Passed out in my mashed
potatoes. Very, very funny!!
5. First day with my first car, a silver ’79 Monte Carlo… I backed into a
6. I have had a secret crush on the same guy for almost 20 years. I have
never had the guts to tell him.
7. I have a raging phobia about bees, wasps, etc. I once jumped out of a
 canoe because a wasp landed on my knee ~ after that, I never went camping
for 6 years!!! (probably ‘cause I never got invited. I don’t remember now.
8. I can’t touch my own bellybutton. Feels funny. Creeps me out.
9. My dream as a child was to be a dancer/singer…
Even to this day, sometimes in my dreams at night I am dancing
10. After my daughter was born, I realized I had never been truly in love.

And so, now on to my 7 choices for amazing blog
I think they're all amazing, but...

1. Ann at Ann Again... and again ~ a great blog. She is honest and refreshing.
I never miss a post
2. The always hilarious.Pink Haired Momma ~ this a fantastic blog. Worth
checking out
3. Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck ~ a wonderful blog, always
 funny, honest and insightful.
4. The one and only, my bloggy friend Jenna at Jenna In The Ditch ~ she
 is always honest,  with great HYSTERICAL posts.
5. Donna at The Obnoxious SAHM ~ with over 600 followers, this amazing
woman always has something to say worth reading. Her style is unique, and
she always keeps me laughing.
6. Nancy at If Evolution Really Works  ~ also a brilliant woman, with great posts.
I never miss checking her out.
7. Lisa at Grandma's Briefs ~ definately worth a look.  She is a grandma,
mom and writer. She's wonderful.

And there ya have it.  There are so many more that I wanted to put on the list.
I feel so blessed with so many loyal followers.
I also noticed today that I have MORE followers.... please know that I am
making a point today to come by and check you out, if I haven't done so
already!!!! I can't wait....

Tuesday, October 13

Bubble Girl ~ seriously

For those of you who don't know me... I will briefly share with you some history.
I FALL ............... ~ I FALL DOWN....  A....LOT.
If it wasn't happening to me, I swear I wouldn't believe it.  Not EVEN kidding.

So, today I write to you sitting on one of these
(which, btw is called an INVALID RING - just in case
 you don't feel like a big enough loser already)

Because I did one of these,

Got myself a cracked tailbone AGAIN, and one of these,

Which TOTALLY makes me one of these,

And now, I'm going to go live in one of these,

And totally laughing about it, because of these...

And perhaps tomorrow, I can come
back and join the real world with a much more interesting post :)
God Bless Percocet!

Sunday, October 11

Six Word Saturday...

Okay... I know it's SUNDAY, but I just came across this and it looked so fun!!
There is a wonderful blog out there Show My Face . She is awesome! I had a
great time stalking hopping around her site.  If you haven't been, you should definately
check her out.  She is the host of Six Word Saturday, the link is below

(Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.  Feel free to explain
or not explain. Add an image, a video, a song, nothing.)

So, bearing in mind that Trinity is with her father tonight.
My life (right now) in six words...

"Took a shower like a human"
it needs no explanation.

Only one thing missing to make it perfect .... (Le Sigh)

**Oh, and the pumpkins were driving me nuts. Cute and all,but made my eyes go wonky. LOL **

Saturday, October 10

Pumpkins... they're everywhere!!!

To celebrate Fall... and the season of the Pumpkin, and
also to stay in complete denial of the snow outside...
Thought I would liven up the background a bit.

To all my fellow Canadian bloggy friends,
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!
and to all the rest of you...
Happy Weekend :)

Friday, October 9

Sperm Bank WTF???

There is a new recipie book out there.... and if you happen to see it
 laying around at someone's house, you may wanna think twice about
"staying for supper".  Seriously.

My Friend Jenna, over at  Jenna In the Ditch   posted about it today. 
And I am still trying to wrap my head around it.  She also had this to say
(and man, I couldn't have said it better myself) :

"I can tell you exactly what is going to happen when you read this:
1.You're going to say out loud "OOOOHHHHH NOOOOO."
2.You will have to re-read it because it is so out of anyone’s realm
of thinking that you automatically assume you have read it wrong.
3.You are going to grab the closest person to you (even if you don't
particularly like them) and tell them just so you can watch their reaction."

So, without further ado.... check this out.  I'll wait here............
Natural Harvest

Yes, that's right..... SEMEN BASED RECIPIES
My thoughts... if your weekly grocery list includes a trip to the sperm
bank ~ you're doing it wrong!!
Here is an excerpt:
"Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex
and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is
commonly available in many, if not most, homes and
restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen
remains neglected as a food."


Friday Flashback

Really, there are no words. This pic was taken the day after she was born.
I’m feeling sentimental this week. 
Aww, crap!! Who am I kidding. I’m just dead-ass tired, to tell the truth.
Yes, the picture is cute. It’s one of my all time fav’s, but it’s really just my way
 of slackin’ off tonight, and still leaving you with something worth visiting me for.

My brain shut down a few hours ago (in protest, I’m sure) during an episode
of “Toopy and Binoo”, and is no longer speaking to me. I did have a “cornucopia” (lol)
of ideas earlier today, but they are lost to me now.  Probably tucked away in the
freezer, along side the remote control I put there last week!!

It’s almost midnight, and I just sat down at the computer.  Must say, I am blown away
by all your wonderful comments on my last post.  Haven’t had the chance to reply
to all of you yet, or check out my new followers, but I have noticed, and will get on that as
soon as I kick this insomnia fairy to the curb and finally get some sleep.

We got snow here today. Yep. Snow.  Autumn lasted all of 20 minutes this year.  Got a nice
blustery north wind as well. 1,2,3.... awesome!!!  For those of you that don’t know, I live
in Southern Alberta... so, chances are we’ll get one of our famous Chinooks tomorrow, and
have to haul out the flip-flops and Capri's one last time. It’s crazy.

OMG... Did I just devote an entire paragraph talking about the weather?!
That’s like, ...30 seconds
of your lives that you’ll never get back.  I think I have done enough.

and there ya have it,

Thursday, October 8


A Thousand Words Thursday
Want to play? Check out Cheaper Than Therapy or, click on the button for more ATWT!
Cheaper Than Therapy

So.... It occured to me today, as I was looking through old facebook photos,
that in all the time I have been blogging I have never posted anything about
Trinity's father. Odd.  She does indeed have one. I am no Virgin Mary,
and there were no wise men at my door ~ EVER!

So, my choice of pics for today... need no words of introduction.  Except to say 
they speak volumes as to the kind of father he is.
Trinity was too scared to go on this ride by herself.  So without any hesitation, Daddy came to her side, all 6'4" of him.!!!  

(See what I mean?)
This totally made her day!!! She still talks about it.
And I, of course, PEE'd in my pants the whole time!

It was funny as hell, to stand and watch him go 'round and 'round
and 'round like that, and yet so heartwarming at the same time.
He shrugged the whole thing off, even when strangers were coming up to
us, expressing their admiration. 
"What's the big deal" he said to me....  I just smiled.
This is a man would do anything for his little girl, he is a devoted, loving
father who always treats her with respect, and makes time to see
her almost daily. 
...  and it helps make this "single mother" gig feel a little
less "single" when it comes to raising our daughter ♥

And THE AWARD GOES TOO......... !!!

Wednesday, October 7

Pigglet on my Plate

The day has come. I knew it would. It was just a matter of time.
Last night while making dinner, Trinity comes in the kitchen  "Awww, Mommmmm, when is dinner ready??
I could eat the whole earth, AND outer space!".  This is my drama queen's subtle
way of telling me that she is hungry.
"what's we havin?"she asks.
"Pork Chops" I reply.
"Mmmm, goody.  I love those"

I am relieved.  She is a very picky eater. I think it's more a texture thing.
And some nights it can be hit and miss.  I stopped catering to her long ago.
The rule is: you eat what you get, or you go hungry". It's a good rule.  I like the rule. 
Sticking with the rule.

Today, however the pickyness was raised to a new level.  It started off quite well.
TV off?  Check.  Hands washed? Check. Hungry little girl? Check. 
Finally a nice dinner with no whining, no bargining
"just two more bites"... and so on.  You get the picture.
Anyway, like I said.  Everything is right with our little world.
We are both enjoying small snippits of conversation... asking about each others day.
When out of the blue, she pipes up and says,
"Mommy, where do pork chops come from?"
 I Panic.
She has asked this before, but this time I felt she deserved the truth.. 
So, I took a deep breath, and decided to just get it over with.

"Well, ......pork comes from pigs" I say.  My eye is twitching
"You you mean there's little pigs in here?" She replies.

Wha? This did not make any sense to me at all.  Maybe she wasn't ready. Still, I forge ahead.

"No, darlin... pork chops come from pigs"
"Mom ~ That's just silly.  How can a PIG make a pork chop. They don't have any hands!!"
We laugh..  I try to change the subject.
"Really Mommy, what do you mean they come from pigs?"
Deep breath.
"We eat pigs." I explain. "a pork chop is part of the pigs leg" ( now, i'm not sure what part of the
pig it really comes from, but I'm making my point)
I have NEVER seen her eyes get that wide.  The wheels are turning, and I'm
pretty sure that suddenly, in her mind, this:

turned into this:

I'm on a roll, so I keep on going.  Bacon is her ABSOLUTE favorite thing to eat...
she will eat it until she gets a stomach ache. Serioulsy. Bacon, bacon, bacon.

"That's where bacon comes from too, you know"  (Get back... Mommy of the year award, no doubt!!)
Hell, I might as well throw "Santa" into the mix.
Her eyes are wider now, and getting glossy... the lip quivers. 
Again, I'm sure this:

 has turned into this:

She is whining now,  that whiny voice I LOVE so much.

"Well, what part of the little piggy does it come from? I'm not eating his BUTT am I? 
What if he pooped and they forgot to clean it.  Pigs can't wipe their own butts, you know!!" 

I try hard not to laugh while this poor little soul loses a slice of her innocence. 
I have nothing to say. I have said enough. She then adds ~

"Mommy, don't EVER make me bacon and eggs again... just the eggs. No pig bums"
As I "pinky-swear" on the scrambled egg thing ....

 I'm thinking....

I just couldn't do it. 

And there ya have it,

Tuesday, October 6

Feelin' the Love

Good Mornin' everyone. Bear with me today as I'm still working on my first cup of coffee,
and my brain is still thumping... so please forgive my scattered thoughts.  And
how poorly this post is written.

I have 3 more awards to share with you, from 3 amazing women. 
The first one is from Lisa, one of my best friends in the whole world, who just happens to have her own blog as well.  Her blog is Book Blab , where she does book reviews and interviews with authors and also has many great giveaways, and lots of cool stuff.   She is a tremendously gifted writer and her posts are always insightful, and thought provoking. If you haven't been to her site, you should go there now. She is also one of the smartest people I know.... Thank you so much, Lisa for my award!! I "heart" you.

The next is from Aimee, and also from Tami....
Aimee is an incredible mother of 4 great kids, and is the author of two great blogs, My Favorite Munchkins , and also, Don't Bug Me.... I'm Blogging! .  She is a fantastic woman, who blogs about her daily life. She is funny, caring, and I am so glad I met her in my travels.  Definately worth checking out.

The next is Tami, from Hearts Make Families , a popular blog that is definately worth checking out as well.  She is a very warm, sweet lady... who always has the most wonderful posts.  Well written, and always from the heart, she is a fantastic mother and  all her posts are filled with love and inspiration.  I also enjoy reading her earlier posts, she has quite the story, and definately worth the read. Thank you Tami for giving so much of yourself... we are all truly blessed to have found you.

Moving along.... the next is from another great lady I have been fortunate enough to meet in my travels.  Her blog is Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver , with a title like that, you know you can't go wrong. She is also an incredible woman, who is kind, giving, and delightfully funny.  She has made me pee on more than one occassion.  She loves books, her children and her life... and it shows in her blog.  The creative edge she brings to her posts alway leave me coming back for more. She has been a loyal follower and is full of "comment love" . If you haven't been.... go there now.  I'll wait here.
She also invested the time to create this award herself,  how cool is that?

And so, there you have it.  ... did I mention that I have the GREATEST followers ever!!! Well, I do.  And I am seriously blown away by the response this little blog of mine has recieved.  Really... not even kidding!  When I started blogging a couple of years ago, it was just a place to journal the daily antics of Trinity.  I had NO IDEA that it would become what it has.  I had NO idea how many fantastic fellow bloggers I would meet along the way. Wow... wowowwow.. wowwy WOW!!! I feel truly blessed.
 Before, I just wrote for myself... so my MOM-DUMB brain wouldn't forget all the crazy things Trinity does.  Now, I write for you... and I love it.  Thank you so much for following along, and for all your kind words and comment love. 

So....  I am passing this award along to  those of you in my blog roll.  Like before, please go to "Blogs that Rock" and find yourself.  Concider yourself  Awarded ....
Do with it what you like... pass it along, keep it for yourself, but definately know that I "heart" each and every one of you.... I love all the blogs listed, and I do sit and read them everyday!!!!  I'm so glad I found you....

Monday, October 5


That's right, I feel like a total slacker today.  Have a killer headache. 
My apologies for not returning all your wonderful emails, and comments, . 
I also noticed a few more followers today... Wow, welcome to my
little slice of the blogging world, and thank you so much for joining us.

But for right now, I am going to go hit myself in the head
with a hammer, down a few tylenol's and hopefully
be back with bells on in the morning :(



Sunday, October 4

Award Week ( this is so cool)

I really don't know what to say.  3 Awards in one week!!! 
Thank you soooo much Tanya for thinking of me, and for your "comment love".

So Ladies.... if you love great recipies for over the top yummy treats, homemade
bath and soaps , and a bunch of other unique ideas then you should definately
check out Tanya at  The Grab Bag
It's a wonderful little blog, and I have put on 10 pounds since finding her to prove it. 
She is a very sweet lady with a warm heart and unique style all her own.  I love her blog. 
I never miss a post. Thanks again, Tanya ~ I "heart" you.

The rules, once again, are to pass this award along to 15 newly found great blogs.... but I love them all.

So, Here's the deal  (It's a good plan, I'm sticking with the plan)  All the blogs I follow are
over the top, in my opinion so.......

  1. Go to my side bar, under "BLOGS THAT ROCK" & click on "show all"...                             
  2. If you see your blog, Guess what? ~ I bestow on you an "Over the Top" award.
  3. Graciously accept your award,  
  4. Leave a quick comment below so I know you have grabbed it
  5. Visit the site above you in the comment list, and leave them some "comment love".

Thats it. 
Happy Bloggin'
ps.  That includes you too, Tanya!!! :)

CIBC Run for the Cure

Well, today is the day Trinity joins over 10,000 participants in the Annual CIBC Run for the Cure. 
I am so proud of her I could just burst....
On behalf of Trinity (and myself) we would like to thank
everyone who came forward to share their support of this very special cause.
I will be posting the official total, and of course, pictures.
As I have mentioned, we lost a friend this year to a long, couragous
battle with Breast Cancer... so, tomorrow, my friend  Marina  , I walk for you and
your beautiful children left behind ♥

On a lighter note:
ps.  It's supposed to freakin' snow tomorrow!! Go figure ~ STUPID ALBERTA
WEATHER!!!  So, on top of getting up at 6 a.m.,  I now have to dig out winter
coats, mitts, hats, scarves and snow pants for Trinity so she doesn't freeze her little butt off. 

Saturday, October 3

Do Your Boobs Hang Low

Trinity and I have bubble baths together quite often. She looks forward to them, as so do I.
We have a different flavor each week. This week was watermelon.
But what is the facination with "BOOBY'S" at this age? She has to constantly stare at
them, or try and play with them. It's almost a bit uncomforable. She does this "slinky"
type manouver with one in each hand and lifts each one alternately... like she has her
own boob slinky. The kid cracks me up.
Anyway it reminded of a funny story told to me by one of my clients years ago.
She was having a bath with her granddaughter. It went like this:

"Grandma, you have big booby's"
"My mommy has big booby's too."
"Oh, really."
"Yeah, but your's are longer."

Happy Bloggin'

Friday, October 2

Manners Overboard

Do you remember the Berenstain Bears?  There's an episode where Sister and
Brother decide to drive Mama crazy by being overly polite... have you seen this one?
"Why thank you, dear Sister"
"Oh don't mention it, dear Brother"
and so on....
Well, Trinity got quite the kick out of it. So, we bought the book. We read it often.

Then one night while we were discussing manners, and the overall importance of them,
she decided that it would be cool to be "overly polite" for the day. I agreed.
It quickly escalated into silly talk, but I had no idea how hysterical she would be.
The trend spilled into the following week, on and off...
Here's some highlights ...

-"I really do quite like banannas now. They are most delicious.
-"I would most appriciate it, if you could please knock upon entering my room.
-"Oh, mother ~ you look astonishing today!"
-"So... what's on the agenda?"
-"Mother, I am not amused with your behaviour, right now."
-"Oh yes. I see what you're saying. Most interesting. "
-"Oh... you are too kind. "
-"Hmmm, that is odd. "
-"Forgive me for interupting. You may proceed. "
-"I've been giving this alot of thought. And I think, perhaps, you may just be
       the best Mother ever. Especially when you share your skittles. "
-"It's okay, Mom. You tried your best. I'm very proud of you. "

And finally... ( the best for last)
-"I sure seem to have a "cormahoopia" of barbies, hey?" ( seriously? ~ this one slayed me!!)
**I used the word "conucopia" while joking around on the phone with a friend.
It was ages ago ~ serioulsy . Trinity questioned me about it afterwards, asking what it meant. 
So, I told her.  I had NO idea she would remember.**

Which totally leaves me wondering what else she has overheard and remembered.....
"No honey, Mommy said TRUCK!! "

Happy Bloggin'

Thursday, October 1

A quick Chuckle...

Okay... this post sounds more like a facebook status update, rather than an actual post,
but I felt compelled to share my stupidity. I attempted to answer a friend request, and
inadvertantly hit the "follow" button....

I am now following myself.
I can't stop giggling.

Lemonade Challenge Update

If you've been following along for a while, you may remember that Trinity is participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure this weekend to raise money for Breast Cancer, which sparked from a simple lemonade stand this summer, where she donated all her earnings to the cause.
My friends began a challenge to match her donation, and the word spread from there.... where she also made it into the local paper.
Here is a link to the original post:

I am proud to say that she has now reached just over $600.00 in donations.
I'm so in "awe" of my little girl.... it's beyond words. Who cares about the whiny voice, really.... my daughter has a heart of gold!!!!!
She's super excited for the weekend. And I have a feeling she will have her own "crowd" cheering her on.