Saturday, January 2

2009 - Through Trinity's eyes

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A heads up... it's a long one. I didn't realize how many great moments there were last year. 
So, Kudo's to those of you who watched it all... and I won't hold it against anyone else if you don't make it through to the end !! LOL


Maven said...

That was very wonderful and touching.

Happy New Year!

~Maven from A Fabulously Good Life

Janie B said...

Trinity is such a beauty. This is a wonderful remembrance of her fun year. I hope you have a way to preserve it for her for when she is older.

otin said...

That was quite a journey. She really is precious! I hope that Mommy smiles more than just on Mother's day? :))

Amo said...

What a precious idea! I loved watching all of her fun times! And the haircut she gave herself!

EcoMeg said...

What a wonderful slide show! She is SO sweet. But that creepy clown, not so much. :)

Happy New Year!

mudmama said...

OMG, how dang cute is she??? Very touching and adorable!
Love so many shots--the garden one is great! Thanks for sharing!!

Matty said...

Your photo journey through 2009 was great. She is a cutie pie and is going to be a very well rounded person. She's even done more at her age than I have. I've never even kissed a goat.

I used to play in an adult baseball league, and it looked like that's what your hubby does.

It was a very nice photo show.

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Michelle she is just beautiful. What a wonderful video! Can't wait for more in 2010! p.s. I am awarding you on my blog because I heart you!