Friday, January 15


Welcome to the launch of "FREAK OUT FRIDAY" !!

Got a "freak out" you want to share?  Why not play along - share your freak out with us!!  
Freak outs can happen anywhere, at home or in public. 
There are many versions of the Freak Out, which may inlcude, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: 

1.  Screaming like you just lit them on fire.  This is the starting point for any good freak out. It can be directed at you, the cat, the socks that feel funny, the barbie shoe that keeps falling off... (insert frustration of choice)

2.  There could be  name calling.  Like,  "JERK" , "STUPID FACE," or "CHICKEN BUTT CRAP HEAD"!!

3.  There could be an exceptionally loud noise to compliment your child wailing   ie:  A slamming door, a hairbrush cracking the bathroom mirror, the TV crashing to the floor.... stuff like that.

4. There could be threats;  which is a nice touch to any good freak out.  ie:
 "If you don't make me a pancake, I'll stomp on your elbow."
You may even reply with something sarcastic, like
"Ya, I'd like to see that happen, shorty"...
but, be careful. this is the beginning of the slippery slope known as the  Tandum Freak Out.  The fight in which you will lose everytime because kids will always comeback with something that sounds retarded is thinking outside the box.

5.  If the words "I hate you" are uttered at any time by your little miracle then you definately got yourself a bonifide freak out.  And if you keep trying to control the situation in an effort to make them stop. . . then you have also been sucked into entered Tandum territory.

6.  If you get hit in the head with any article of clothing this definately qualifies.  
   ~ If it's still warm because they were wearing it before hand,
       this takes freak out to a whole weird new level.

My Friday Freak Out, courtesy of Trinity and a strong aversion to the word "NO"

"Mommy, can I have a some cookies?"
Are you hungry?  You just had a snack at Daddy's house before you got home.  
"It was just a stupid oreo.  I'm soooooo hungry.  I could eat the whole earth.  Puh leeeez, mommy"
I'm sorry Hon, it's bedtime now. 
Her face contorts.  I know it's coming.  I wait for it..... then ~ Waaaaahhhhhhhh. 
It has begun.
Stomp, stomp, stomp.  SLAM.
Screaming intensifies.
Door opens slightly.  Then SLAM.  A second time for good measure?  
Door opens again.  Brief pause.
I enter the room.   Get hit in the head with warm underwear.
God, I love my child.


That One Mom said...

I LOVE those tantrums!

CanadianMama said...

Mmm, warm underwear to the head - wonderful!

chicken bit a kid today because the kid would not let Chicken eat his muffin. Of course, i got to it too late. Poor kid, poor me!

blueviolet said...

What would she do if you followed up with your own overblown and dramatic tantrum as a reaction to hers? That might blow her little mind!

Unknown Mami said...

Ahh, the joys of parenthood.

Together We Save said...

.... I love it!! Tantrums are great.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Oh yes, we have had the same freak outs over snacks before bedtime!

Brian Miller said...

warm underwear to the head...nice. ew.

yeah, yesterdays was how unfair bedtime is...even though it is the same time every was really nice of me to let him sleep and extra 15 minutes this morning because he was tired, as well...

The Absence of Alternatives said...

LOL. Sorry for laughing. ;-) I am humming that song right now. You know, the song, "Ah... Freak out!" Husb and I start humming it whenever the kids freak out. It puts a different spin to it.

monkeysmom said...

Tantrums are great fun! What makes them even more fun(must be in a good mood to start with) laugh when they throw a fit. And then walk away. OOOOOOOOOOOO it makes my son so mad!

He also does the "I'm starving" thing right before bed. And I know that its just a way that he can stay up for 10 minutes longer. Kids....

magda said...


can't shake the notion of warm underpants to head. love that i just said underpants. who says that?

Amy said...

oh my warm under wear? Too funny...

Mine just the "I don't want" or "I want" without the please or thank you. Nothing big..

otin said...

"Her face contorts. I know it's coming.

Screaming intensifies.


I enter the room. Get hit in the head with warm underwear."

Sounds like a woman's typical reaction to me! LMAO!!!

Still calling you names, huh?

kys said...

We *hardly ever* have those problems at my house.

And by hardly ever I mean only once per day.

Motherboard said...

I didn't have a freak-out today, but my sister did. We were at a Chucky Cheese type place(my version of HELL) and her son spilled his chocolate milk. I made everyone at the table pretend to cry, cause that's what you do-- you cry over spilled milk.

My sister didn't think it was funny and sort of went psycho on us all.

I just laughed at her and that made her more mad. (it really was funny!)

mudmama said...

I LOVE how you keep your sense of humor always!! warm underwear on the head- gotta love it!!
Soooo- to play along on freak-out Fridays do we comment our stuff here or respond with a post of our own? i may just do the latter, since I DO have a story :/

Amo said...

I like this Freak-out friday thing. I may have to do this one if I can remember. Sorry about the underwear to the head. What would she have done if you threw your own warm underwear back at her?

Mrsblogalot said...

Those tantrums are priceless. I wish I could still throw a good one every now and then!

Lori E said...

My kids really didn't do that very often. Really.
They chose instead to save it up for when they were teenagers and then make me pay for every happy, stress free day I had when they were little.
Little bastards almost won. ALMOST.
Thanks for featuring my site today. I would love to meet your friends.