Monday, January 11

Mars or Bust

Trinity has this new thing she loves to do.  She likes to interview me (of course I have to be somebody else) and she pretends like she's Larry King or something.  It's Hysterical. 
So last night, I decided to interview her.  Here we go:

Our special guest today is Trinity.  Welcome to the show Trinity.  Always nice to see you.
So, tell us a little about yourself.  You're 5 years old,  and I see you're in kindergarten , is that right?
Yeah, but I'm almost 12. 

So, we'll start with the obvious question. What would you like to be when you grow up?
Well,  first I would like to drive an ice cream truck.  But, that's just while I'm going to Astronaut school.

Oh, really, an Astronaut.  That sounds fantastic.   And what kinds of things will you do once you are an Astronaut?
I'm going to be the first woman on Mars. 

Very cool.  And so, what kinds of things will you do there?
I'm gonna do my first Rock Star Concert ~ like maybe sing some of my songs and stuff. 
Kinda tricky though, cuz there's no gravity ~ ya know, the stuff that makes us not float away. 
So, I'll have to figure out a way to stay on the ground.
But, my Mom says the people at that Nasa place would help me invent stuff like that .

Yes, I'm sure they will.  Boy, a rock concert on Mars.  Can I come too?  
Oh sure, you can come if you want.  I'm gonna start selling tickets next week. But remember to wear warm stuff, cuz Mars is way further away from the sun, so it's really cold ~ not as cold as Pluto is though.  Now THAT would be freezing. 

You sure seem to know a lot about the planets. 
Yeah, I'd like to go to the sun after that, but it's pretty hot. I think my shoes would melt or something.

Mom, can we play Barbie's now instead?


otin said...

HAHA! Can we play with Barbies now!

She is so cute! Maybe one day she will have a concert on Mars, you never know! :)

Christine said...

Ahhh....if only all interviews were as short and sweet!

Okay, I just gotta all of my 40ish years, I never thought once of a Rock Concert on Mars! Go figure. Your kid's a genius!

blueviolet said...

Her attention span didn't last too long! LOL

I love that selling ice cream will help her get through astronaut school!

kel said...

omg.. drive an ice cream, but only while going to astronaut school.. hilarious!

Amy said...

oh she is just so sweet. Love this post. .

beth♥ said...

Oh... YES! I needed that this morning. =)

Brian Miller said...

ha. that is awesome! a rock concert on mars and already starting to sell tickets...she will make a million!

ModernMom said...

You are so going to treasure this interview in a few years~

Lori E said...

A girl with a plan. I like that.

magda said...

Trinity's mind and vocabulary are incredible. Wow. Looks, Brains, Soul, Ambition

Listen here Sammy
I don't want to have to rough you up for anything at all. You understand? Do right, boy. Yuh hear?

Recovering Procrastinator said...

your daughter sounds a lot like my 5yo. Very cute interview.

I took a peek at the blogs you follow on your profile. How do you keep up with all those? WOWZA.

mudmama said...

She is such a trip! An amazing trip ... to Mars!!! Love her imagination and interest in the planets! Dock loves to do things like interviews, too. So fun to document these priceless comments!

The Absence of Alternatives said...

This is so precious. She is going to go places!