Sunday, February 21

Sunday with Dad Revisited

Memories of my childhood seem to occupy much of my thoughts this weekend.
I'm not sure why.

When I was a little girl, Sunday was my favorite day.
Everything I know about Football was learned from
Sunday afternoons with my Dad.
. . . and it had nothing to do with him teaching me.
We had a thing ~ A ritual, you might call it.
A mutually beneficial arrangment.

You see . . .
Dad loved his Sunday afternoon football.
I loved having my back tickled.
We had a system worked out.

Dad would sit in his favorite chair, then I prop myself on the footstool between his knees
while he lovingly rubbed my back, and played with my hair.
And the mutally beneficial part ?
He was able to watch the game,
and I didn't make him play Barbies, or Store, or Rockstar with me.

It was perfect.

I would sit there for hours, game after game, play after play. 
Occassionally he would get excited over a fumble or interception
and his knees would slam together, crushing me in the process.
Then we would laugh.
And the tickling would resume.

After football, while Mom made supper, Dad and I looked forward to
the one night of the week we ate in front of the TV.
He would get everything ready (which was a folding card table)
I loved to crawl underneath it, pretending it was my secret cave,
and sometimes he would join me.

WIth the aroma and sounds of dinnertime filling the room,
Dad and I snuggled in the cave for our favorite show . . .

Dad loved nature shows almost as much as he loved football.

After Marlin Perkins was done his thing, it was time for supper.
We all sat together at the card table,
and as if in her own magical way, Mom always managed to have everything ready just in time for the opening credits of....

Which was followed by another favorite. . .

Happy Sunday, Dad !!!
I love you.


Matty said...

That's a wonderful memory. It's something how a parent can create a memory for a child that can last a lifetime, without knowing they're doing it.

Those two shows really take me back. I had all but forgotten about Wild Kingdom.

Mrsblogalot said...

What an awesome memory!!!!!

You just brought back so many for me also!!!


EcoMeg said...

That brought back great memories for me! Those shows were so fun!

Thank you for your really nice comments about my post yesterday. You rock!

Lori E said...

There is no more important relationship in a little girls life than that of the one with her father.
I didn't have that but do enjoy hearing about yours.
I do remember watching those shows too. I can hear the Mutual of Omaha commercials in my head.

Brian Miller said...

what cool memories...its that simple, spend time with your kids...they will remember it forever...

Lisa said...


Lisa here, I ran into Nathan last night and told him I couldn't remember your blog address.
He emailed me it and here I am I will bookmark and read away.

Coffee soon?

You can catch up with our crazy, hectic, life at my blog. View my latest images etc.


Janie B said...

I love those wonderful childhood memories. They mean so much later on.

Missy said...

I remember Wild Kingdom! I love Sunday's!
Great post!

Lisa said...

Okay, woman's, tears? What a beautiful post!

Same here with me. But you would have to replace football with Star Trek.

I love you, and your Dad.

And once again, you are a gifted writer, and we are all very lucky to be able to read your words, my friend.

Christiejolu said...

That is so cute! That is a great memory!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Too sweet! Happy Sunday, to you and your dad!

Kmama said...

That is so sweet! I miss Sunday afternoons watching football with my dad too. He's still alive and all, but it's different now that I am an adult.

Such great memories.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I love your great memories with your dad, I remember Wild Kingdom with my dad also. Thanks for the comments!

Arizona Mamma said...

That, my dear, is super sweet. Nice to have such warm memories.

Respectfully Yours said...

Oh my God. I loved this post. All those clips were so great. I watched all those shows too. I can't believe how many people still use the phrase, "the agony of defeat" to this day. Sounds like you had some wonderful memories with your dad. We must be on the same wave length, I just posted a little while ago about a dad memory too. Have a great week.

mudmama said...

Love it!! What sweet memories! I, too, am a Daddy's girl ... and a fan of retro TV! Happy Sunday to you and your dad

Maven said...


So many wonderful memories...

What I love the most is that all of us from different parts of North America can find a common sense of "coming home" with these references.

I love how blogging brings us all together.

HUGE SMOOCHES for this one!

Maven said...


Did I say "love" enough?

Good thing you know it's just how's I roll ;)

3 Men and a Lady said...

That was so sweet! As a daddy's girl myself, I can definitely relate. I remember watching Wild Kingdom, too. I thought Omaha was somewhere in Africa, LOL!!

The Absence of Alternatives said...

Sweet memories. Family rituals do add to the building and strengthening of these childhood memories, don't they? And they don't need to be anything spectacular. I hope I am able to build memories for my kids like your dad and you did. :-)