Wednesday, February 24

Welcome, Henry. We hope you enjoy your stay

This is Henry

In Trinity's kindergarten class, they have this thing.
He's a little bear that travels the school year spending 1 week with each student.
He comes with his own backpack filled with all the 'bear necessities" ( I couldn't resist)
He even has his own toothbrush. (Huh?)

This is Trinity's week. She is super excited.
We were all set to take him on a trip to the Science Centre for
Junior Astronomer's Night,
But... due to a huge Freak Out of EPIC proportions,
Trinity will not be stargazing tonight.  Le Sigh.
Henry, however, is free to go if he likes.


3 Men and a Lady said...

My older son's preK had a thing like that... I think it was a doll of some sort. (Which of course, he wasn't thrilled about, lol.) Henry looks much cleaner than Ace's doll, consider yourself lucky! :-)

Arizona Mamma said...

Lots of thoughts on this one. First, toothbrush? Um, I don't see any teeth.

Second, can you even begin to imagine all the crazy ass (those too) germs that are on that thing?

Third, you just make me laugh.

Matty said...

I can't bear to think about her freak-out session. God bless mom.

Lisa said...

Two of my daughters had such a thing in school -- although one brought home a rat and the other a guinea pig.

So glad to hear Henry didn't join in the meltdown. Good luck with the rest of his visit.

Kmama said...

Ahh, the class pet. Henry is a cutie!

The Absence of Alternatives said...

Our K-class does/did this too. But for only one night. One night?! That totally freaked the kids out because on week nights, uh, we don't do anything exciting! A week, now, I can see lots of possibilities. :-) Almost like Flat Stanley, doesn't it? I love these things.

mudmama said...

How fun, your very own exchange student

gayle said...

The K classes where I work do something like this. Have fun!!