Monday, March 22

Things I didn't do

Okay, first things first.

I have fallen so far behind in my blogging that I fear I may never catch up with all of you.
Life, again, has gotten in the way.
So, after this post I am off to visit all of you and spread some comment love.

I was rather perfect this past week, so I lack some good "Not Me" material.
But here goes,

1.  I did actually manage to make garbage day.  However, this was certainly not done with me screeching out the door at the last minute just as the truck was pulling away.

2.  I also managed to remember library day.  This too was not done at the last minute with me racing back to the school in my jammies and slippers( yes, slippers) in order to drop it off in time.

3.  I did not cut loose on a Walmart cashier for rolling her eyes at Trinity when she politely asked for her own bag to put her princess lip gloss in.  I did not use the most sarcastic tone I could muster and say:
" How would you like to try scoffing at me like that and see how far you get?"

4. I did manage to get all - ALL the mountains of laundry done.  The are not, however, in large folded piles stiuated in various rooms throughout the house.

5. After a complete freak out by Trinity, I did not make a pretend phone call to "Santa" and express my concerns to him about her behaviour.

6. I did not spend 3 hours playing around with my new scanner and photoshop old pictures of myself and Trinity instead of cleaning the house.


Thursday, March 18

Thousand Word Thursday

First Day of Kindergarten
1973 ~ 2009


Saturday, March 13

"Not Me" For the Month of March So Far, Up to and Including Today

Considering this is my most favorite kind of post,
I figured I had some catching up to do since the last one.
Maybe we'll call it
  "Not Me" For the Month of March So Far, Up to and Including Today

1. (a) Did not make the mistake of giving my child candy after school, then take her to Dollarama.

    (b) Did not lose my cool in aisle 7, and tell her to stop calling me "mommy"

    (c) Did not say to her in a rude tone, "For the last time, GET UP OFF THE FLOOR.  Why do I have to ALWAYS say it more than once, with you today??? 
        This was not followed simultaneously by bumping into her kindergarten teacher.  A shining moment. 

2.  Did not (again) buy a large bag of gummy worms for Trinity, and eat them all while she was asleep. 

3.  Did not forget garbage day, Library book day, or any other scheduled appointments or responsibilities. 

4.  When awoken at 3 AM by my naked child explaining to me that she had wet the bed, I did not grunt the word, "Meh",  bring her in bed with me, and leave the wet smelly mess until morning. 

5.  I did not dream about my first love six nights in a row, wake up all melancholy and reflective, look him up on facebook, send a friend request, get accepted one day, and deleted by him the next. 

6.  I did not secretly bless this guy,

. . . for allowing me a 20 minute catnap, 3 separate times in one day.  Nope, not me... I would never be one of those moms who stick their child in front of the TV for reasons entirely self-serving.

7.   On my front porch, I do not still have a Christmas lamp post, an Autum silk flower arrangement in a hanging basket, and a giant Easter Bunny sticker on my screen door window.

Friday, March 12

Wow !!!
Real life once again got in the way of my virtual one.  Le Sigh.
That was a long, unexpected bloggy break.
I feel a little off my game as well.
And, not sure where to start.

I've missed all of you sooo much.
Looks like I've got some reading to catch up on,
So, I better get started.

Here's what I've been up to the last 2 weeks

Don't I look just fabulous??
Actually, this is more like it:

Either way...

Monday, March 1

I got nuthin.
Nothing, I say.

This weekend was filled with work,

and a terrible headache, brought on by the CHINOOK  that blew in!

Happy Monday Everybody!

Perhaps tomorrow, I'll have something better to talk about ;)