Saturday, January 30

Answers: Part Deux

Kay, here we go
Magda at I'm Just Sayin'  
Why do you blog?
My reasons for blogging are different than when I started out.  It was at the urging of my BFF, (who is my biggest fan - Lisa at Book Blab ) telling me what a talented writer I was.  So, in the beginning it was just an online journal of my daily life as a single mom for friends and family that might not get to see us everyday.  Now,  it is still about Trinity's crazy antics, but have found my way into a wonderful community of bloggers that I absolutely adore.  It has, in some ways, become my social life.

Aimee at Don't Bug Me, I'm Blogging
If you could go anywhere with Trinity where would you go and why?
Disneyland! Without a doubt.  I love Disneyland... I was married once (way back when), and that was where I insisted on going for my honeymoon.  (we're divorced now - perhaps that's why)
What is one thing you really want for yourself? Just for you, to spoil yourself.

Seriously... I suffer from chronic back pain.  So, a massage would be nice.

Missy at Is it Just Me
How did you get the nerve to do this?
LOL... I'm really not a private person.  I'm not afraid to share. Basically ~ I have no shame!! (snort)
Are there any questions you are afraid that will be asked?
Can't tell you.  Then somebody would ask it!!! ;)

Unknown Mami
What is your favorite think about yourself? Do not be modest.
Hmmm, kay.  I love my inner emotional strength and compassion, and that I've managed to keep my head above water and sense of humour in tact, despite having chronic depression ~  Oh, and I like my nose.  My boobs and ass, that's another story.

Tracie at Stir-Fry Awesomeness
If time and money were not issues where would go for your next vacation??
Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland.

Matty at Matty Thoughts
If you could go back in time and change one thing, knowing what you know now, what would it be?
That's a good one. Thought about this a long time. I would honestly have to say NOTHING.  Really. I believe everything we do, every moment or opportunity has potential to be life altering. I shudder to think that any one of those decisions, good or bad,  would have led me on a path that did NOT include my daughter being here.

BlueViolet at A Nut in a Nutshell 
Well, just how frackin' old are you?
LOL... Chronologically, I'll be 42 this April. Emotionally I'm still 25.  and Physically, I feel 74. ;)

From Otin at Wizard of Otin
"If you had an 85 year old kidney to survive, and you were the only match, would you donate it?"
Oh wow, Otin... How did I just know it would be this kind of question.  I probably wouldn't ... I would save if for a child, or someone younger.  I don't know, that just sounds wrong. . .  Maybe I would.... No wait, I wouldn't.  I don't know.

Christine at Raised Queer  
K, a lot of times people tell me who they think I look like. Like famous people I resemble and I was wondering who do you get told you most look like?
Well, I have been compared to Sandra Bullock more times than I can count. 

Lori at Family Trees May Contain Nuts
I want to know what you think was your biggest mistake in life?
My biggest mistake... hmmm.  doing an "Ask me ANYTHING" post (snicker)   Seriously, I can't think of anything I've done that I would change. It sounds corny, but every mistake has led me here.  Having said that... (I'm digging deep here just for you, Lori) When I was 17, I became pregnant and gave my son up for adoption.  I have ALWAYS wished things could have been different for us, even though I know it was the right thing to do at the time. He will be 24 this year.  Not a day goes by....

Carma Sez
Did you enjoy having your own esthetics business?
I loved it!! I never felt like I was "working".  I lost the business due to a flood a while back. Would love to start up again once I get back on my feet.

Lauren at Mud Mama
"Do you have a day gig?" (besides being Trinity's awesome mommy?) Oh, and fave color :)
Day gig ~ I'm a court reporter/transcriber. I work from home in my jammies, and I absolutely love it. 
Favorite colour is Indigo Blue.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom
Here's a question - What's the most inappropriate thing you've done in the last six months? The thing that makes you look back and cringe?
I dated a guy who turned out to be 26!!!! Despite the "high fives" from friends... it just felt weird.  But, I do smile from time to time knowing that I can still bag a hot 26 yr old. ;)  (maybe that's the inappropriate part)

That was so much fun.  Thanks for all the great questions....

Friday, January 29

Ask Me Answers

Wow, there are some great questions coming in.  This is totally fun. 
Here are a few, and I'll add the rest later today.

If you have one that you'd like to add, feel free!!

First one, Hmmm ... I'll start with something cheeky. Any TV series that you can categorize as your guilty pleasure?
Well, humph... that's  a tough one. I don't really watch TV anymore.  Any spare time I do have is usually spent blogging, sleeping, or showering. Seriously... I NEVER watch TV.  It's sad, I know.

From Mrs. BlogAlot , If you were a bumper sticker, how would you read?
LMAO... that's a good one.  Took me a while to think of one, but I'd have to say
"Good mothers have dirty ovens, sticky floors and happy kids"

From Dana at Homeschool 101 , Well, of course, it's the old favorite: what's your most embarrassing moment? LOL!
Oh, I got a million of them that rank as MOST embarrassing - I'm the one that will asked the NON-pregnant lady when she was due? that kind of stuff, but...

1999. Hot date. First date. Wore a brand new pair of jeans.  As we're getting out the car, he asks "Are those new jeans?" I say, "Um, no.  Why?" Then he points to my pant leg, which had the size strip thing still stuck to the side.  So much for honesty. 
Later, same night. . . having a nice dinner. Crab legs. While trying to get a piece of meat out, my fork slipped. Crab leg went flying and hit the lady in the head at the table next to us. 
After dinner, we were off to the movies. As we were walking to our seats I tripped and fell forward, spraying popcorn everywhere, and scraped me knee. Then, during the movie I went to take a sip of my pop while skooched down low in my seat. Lid came off, spilled pop all over my WHITE shirt. 
Before leaving the theater, I felt something happening that was totally unexpected. I went to the washroom. No tampons. SHIT. So, I improvised with some toilet paper to last for the ride home.  As I was getting out of the car, it must have shifted during the ride, and YEP.... it made its way down my pant leg and fell onto the ground at my feet.  I kicked it under his car in an effort to hide it, but I'm pretty sure he saw it.
He called a few days later, and we went out again.
Go figure.

From Jenners at Life with a Little One and More  What is the earliest memory you have?
My earliest memory is standing in my crib, pulling out every single kleenex and letting them fall one by one on the floor until the box was empty.  I still remember the look on my mom's face.

We are about the same age with a child about the same age. How do you feel about being "an older mom?" (I'm hoping you aren't taking offense!!!!)
No offense at all.  That's a loaded question. For the most part, I love being this age with a small child. I'm much more "together" emotionally, and I think that makes me a better mom than I would have been in my 20's.  But, I do wish I had the energy I did back then. And I absolutely worry about not living long enough to be a grandma.

From Brian at Waystion One ,
If today was a free day, with no responsibilities, what would you be doing?
LOL... I would be blogging, of course, and drinking an insane amount of coffee!

From Blog-Ignoamus , Lemme see...I find that I can relate to so much of what you write; although I could be your mother and have different life experiences.Why do you think that is?
Probably because I'm older than you think. LOL
And some people are just "meant to be". Something clicks. And the rest becomes history.

From The Absence of Alternatives , Oh man. All the other ones are all kind of polite... I have been asking anybody online that would give me the chance: Have you had a Brazilian? And would you recommend it?
Yes, once ~ by mistake ~  and no, I wouldn't recommend it. 
I had my own esthetics business for years, so I do all of my own waxing. I don't recommend a self inflicted Brazillian either.

Okay... that's it for today.  Stay tuned for part deux...

Wednesday, January 27

Ask me Anything

So here it is.
After months of prodding and coaxing from fellow bloggers (you know who you are)  I've decided it would be fun to have a day of sharing !!!

One of the things I love most about blogging is getting to know all of you better, and feeling more connected to you  in your journeys, but some of you have expressed that I don't really share much about me on my blog ~ 

I try to share the rollercoaster of my experiences in my comments, when I have personally related to what has been posted. Otherwise, I suppose I do keep that part private, because well.... frankly, Trinity's antics are WAY funnier and less embarrasing  (for me) 

but for now,
I thought I would indulge your requests...

I'm in your hands. . . all exposed, and raw and stuff. (snort)
So go ahead, ask me anything...
I'll be posting the answers on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 26

So Long, SAM

Did my ears decieve me??
Could she really be done with SAM??
After much nagging thoughtful questioning on my part,
Indeed, it is true. (insert angels singing)
Yes, yes... she confirmed it ~ twice.

I was set to write a post filled with all the excitement
this worn-out, scatter-brained mother could muster.
but, alas, I am forced to keep it small and unassuming.

For SAM is not really gone ~
He's just been replaced . . .

. . . by someone they call ~ JEREMY.

And so . . . it begins !
*Le Sigh*

Monday, January 25

Not Me Monday

1.   I did not make 4 trips to the grocery store in one week because I kept forgetting things on my list. I did not make a special trip back to grocery store SPECIFICALLY for toothpaste, and then come home with 3 more bags that did not contain said toothpaste.  I did not end up brushing my teeth all week with "Hannah Montana" toothpaste instead.

2.  I did not eat a bag of gummy bears for breakfast.

3.  I was not late bringing Trinity to school because I couldn't find my glasses.  And after 20 minutes of searching, Trinity did not inform me that they were on top of my head. We did not laugh hysterically at my expense.

4.  I did not drive halfway down the block with my purse on the roof of the car.

5. I did not wake up in the middle of the night after a horrible ( Haiti inspired, buried in rubble) kind of nightmare, go into Trinity's empty room (while she was at her dad's) , and grab one of her favorite stuffies for comfort, then cry myself to sleep.


Sunday, January 24

Kudo's to Trinity

I've been thinking.
For the sake of humour, Trinity seems to have taken a bum rap.
She has her Freak Outs, 'tis true. 
But all kidding aside, they are nothing compared to the wonderful, witty, thoughtful soul she is.
She always astounds and amazes me.
I thought she deserved a little Kudo's her way...

Every morning I hear the little pitter patter of sleepy feet make their way across the hall.  With squinty eyes, morning hair, and arms full of stuffies and books she climbs under the covers with me.  This is always followed by a morning breath kiss and snuggle under my chin. 
Then, it's story time. She has decided that because I read her a story every night, she gets to read ME a story in the morning. 
I look forward to this more than my morning coffee. (and its hard to rank higher than caffine, in my world)

Yesterday morning, she was making us a "surprise" and I was not allowed to come downstairs until she was done. This was tough. I could hear chairs shifting across the kitchen floor, dishes clanking together, water running. My mind flashed back to other times when she had a surprise up her sleeve... like THIS one,

But, despite my sweaty palms, I waited.  When she was finished, she led me downstairs like a maitre d' at a fine restaurant.  And this is what I saw.

She had taken a small end table and put it in the kitchen, and set up the most charming "table" for us. We had a wonderful breakfast together in the middle of the kitchen. It was awesome.

There was also the time her teacher called me aside and told me how proud she was of Trinity for comforting a friend that was crying after being teased by some boys in her class.  Trinity apparenty had told the boys to leave her alone, put her arm around her friend, and softly and sweetly tried to cheer her up. 

Just this week she has given her mittens to a friend who didn't have any, made a get well card for her teacher who was sick, showered me with unexpected kisses a thousand times, and suggested we give her old clothes to families that dont have enough. 
She is a goof; always trying to make us laugh.  
She is the most caring and empathetic little soul I have ever met, far beyond her years. 
She is my wish come true, the love of my life, and she has taught me more than I could ever teach her in return. 

She has taught me the true meaning of love, and laughter . . . and the art of facepainting! ;)


Friday, January 22

Freak out Friday

Freak outs.  So many to choose from.
It was a busy week for Trinity in the Freak Out department.
I'll just give you the highlights

Tim Hortons drive thru.
No chocolate Long Johns. 
The screaming begins.  Kicking so hard that her boot flew off her foot and hit her in the head.  More screaming.
Crackled voice from drive-thru speaker asks if everything is all right. 
Calmly pay for my double-double. Get sympathy smile from dude at window.
Pull into parking stall, sip up coffee goodness, wait for eardrums to stop riinging.
Sorry, Trinity, no donuts for you.
(sounding like Tom Hanks "There's NO crying in baseball")
"There will be no crying over chocolate."

Later, same day, give child bedtime snack. 
Screams from living room. 
Check to see if child is on fire ~ nope.  Bleeding?  Nope. 
Problem:  Not enough chocolate sauce in milk.  Can't taste the chocolate. 
More kicking, Milk cup flies across the floor. 
Sorry, Trinity, no bedtime snacks for you. 
"There will be no crying over chocolate"

Next day, child comes running out of school doors looking very upset. 
"I HATED my snacks today.  I wanted my chocolate granola bar!!!!!"
Crying ensued.  Dropping to her knees in schoolyard seemed appropriate. 
Kicking and wailing on the way home. 
Sorry, Trinity, no after school snacks for you.
"There will be no crying over chocolate."

Put sweet, sweet child to bed.  Silence fills the house.
Grab secret stash of Cadbury Mini-Eggs. 
Savour the melty chocolate goodness.
A tear comes to my eye.
There is no crying over chocolate.


Thursday, January 21

Cardboard or Plastic???

Thousand Word Thursday

And yep.... it's the Tampon Aisle.


Wednesday, January 20

Too much TV???

So, my darling daughter informed me tonight what she is getting me for my birthday, as long as I promise to forget by then and be super surprised!!!
I promised. 

So, she began to share her
gift idea using her best "commercial voice"...

" New Tide Stain release. Because at TIDE they're always coming up
with new ways to keep your clothes looking new!"

I can't stop laughing. 
What a goof.


Monday, January 18

Not Me Monday

It's that t ime again... wow, so much "didn't" happen.  I don't know where to start.

1.  I did not stutter like a maniac while trying to have a conversation with Trinit about the dangers of screaming while I'm driving, traffic collisions, and my growing hatred for SAM.

2.   I do not like chocolate.  I especially do not like Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Therefore, I certainly did not drop one in a pile of dirty snow, take a quick look around, then eat if off the ground. 

3.  I did not tell Trinity that I wasn't having a nap, I was just closing my eyes for a while because they were itchy.  I did not fall asleep on the couch for 2 hours while resting my "itchy" eyes. 

4  I did not burn make a batch of cookies, stuff them back in the oven in order to make dinner, and then forget about them for 3 days.

5.  I did not tell Trinity that we couldn't go swimning because someone pee'd in the pool, and it was closed for cleaning.


6.  I do not still have my christmas tree up.

7.  I did not spend 3 days last week in my pyjama pants and housecoat.


Sunday, January 17

Counting Blue Cars

We were off to run errands. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. Banking, dry cleaning.. Trinity was being a goofy, giggling bag of knock-knock jokes.  Beyonce was on the radio, telling all us single ladies that he "shoulda put a ring on it". The mid-afternoon sun blazing high in the Chinook sky.

In the blink of an eye, that all changed.
My heart stopped beating on the corner of 2nd and Main.

I remember the blood curdling screams from the back seat.  In a split second I was convinced that she somehow managed to light herself on fire.

The eyes in the back of my head saw her unbuckle the seatbelt and throw herself against the back window, mushing her face against the half frozen glass.

I slam on  breaks, slide sideways in the intersection, and come to a screeching halt directly in line with the oncoming traffic. I did a quick assessment. . . Nope, heart still not beating yet.  Better check the girl.
I flip around, she is not on fire, she is not bleeding. She is smiling.
I get out of the intersection and pull off to the side of the road to avoid making the 6 o'clock news.

"Trinity... are you okay? What's going on? What happened???" (try again, Michele. You sound way too frantic.)
"Mommy, that was HIM. I just saw HIM in that car. Didn't you see it? The blue one with the .... "
"Who, who did you see? What are you talking about?"
"It was SAM, Mommy!!! Sam was in the car that just went past us. Quick, if we hurry we can catch up. Go, go, go... "
I sat there waiting for my heart to start beating again...
"Yes, Trinity."
"You look funny. What's wrong with your face? "


Friday, January 15


Welcome to the launch of "FREAK OUT FRIDAY" !!

Got a "freak out" you want to share?  Why not play along - share your freak out with us!!  
Freak outs can happen anywhere, at home or in public. 
There are many versions of the Freak Out, which may inlcude, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: 

1.  Screaming like you just lit them on fire.  This is the starting point for any good freak out. It can be directed at you, the cat, the socks that feel funny, the barbie shoe that keeps falling off... (insert frustration of choice)

2.  There could be  name calling.  Like,  "JERK" , "STUPID FACE," or "CHICKEN BUTT CRAP HEAD"!!

3.  There could be an exceptionally loud noise to compliment your child wailing   ie:  A slamming door, a hairbrush cracking the bathroom mirror, the TV crashing to the floor.... stuff like that.

4. There could be threats;  which is a nice touch to any good freak out.  ie:
 "If you don't make me a pancake, I'll stomp on your elbow."
You may even reply with something sarcastic, like
"Ya, I'd like to see that happen, shorty"...
but, be careful. this is the beginning of the slippery slope known as the  Tandum Freak Out.  The fight in which you will lose everytime because kids will always comeback with something that sounds retarded is thinking outside the box.

5.  If the words "I hate you" are uttered at any time by your little miracle then you definately got yourself a bonifide freak out.  And if you keep trying to control the situation in an effort to make them stop. . . then you have also been sucked into entered Tandum territory.

6.  If you get hit in the head with any article of clothing this definately qualifies.  
   ~ If it's still warm because they were wearing it before hand,
       this takes freak out to a whole weird new level.

My Friday Freak Out, courtesy of Trinity and a strong aversion to the word "NO"

"Mommy, can I have a some cookies?"
Are you hungry?  You just had a snack at Daddy's house before you got home.  
"It was just a stupid oreo.  I'm soooooo hungry.  I could eat the whole earth.  Puh leeeez, mommy"
I'm sorry Hon, it's bedtime now. 
Her face contorts.  I know it's coming.  I wait for it..... then ~ Waaaaahhhhhhhh. 
It has begun.
Stomp, stomp, stomp.  SLAM.
Screaming intensifies.
Door opens slightly.  Then SLAM.  A second time for good measure?  
Door opens again.  Brief pause.
I enter the room.   Get hit in the head with warm underwear.
God, I love my child.

Thursday, January 14

Don't miss out

I was all set to do a different post today.
Then I came across this post from the one and only MckMama
called I'm Gonna Miss This !!! If you haven't read it yet, you gotta check it out.

A beautiful reminder about the things we take for granted!


Wednesday, January 13

Louis C K - Children's and their Secrets

One of my favorite bits...
(there are a few F-bombs though.)


"Holy Crap Thank You So Much" take deux

I don't even know how to explain.  Over the last few weeks I recieved quite a few awards.
Sometimes, these things go around the bloggy world in waves. So, I decided to wait it out, make one huge "Holy Crap Thank You So Much" kind of post. 

I waited. I made a post.
I called it "Holy Crap Thank You So Much"
I was sure I scheduled it to automatically post for the next morning. Then, I put it out my mind. When scolling through old posts looking for something else, I noticed it wasn't there.  It didn't freakin' post. It's GONE.  WTF????

How ungrateful I must have seemed all this time. 
So, I'm gonna give it another go:

First of all, the one and only Magda  bestowed on me a couple of awards, but in comparison to her stunning wit, kind heart, and writing style, I am not worthy.  You totally have to check her out.  She is the author of 2 great blogs: I'm just sayin'  and So Many Sisters .  She is hysterical, honest, and loyal. ~ a wonderful mother, and a great bloggy friend.  My life, my soul would be lost without her.

And Brittany, the author of Mommy Words   is an exceptional woman with an incredible blog.  She is a warm-hearted amazing mother, with another little one on the way.  And despite being pregnant, taking care of her family, and finding new uses for a flashlight that I'm STILL snickering about... she manages to share her life with us in a style all her own.  You should definately check her out if you get the chance... send a little "baby in my tummy" love her way.  Thank you for thinking of me Brittany, I "heart" you.

And then there's the awesomely awesome, Meg over at EcoMeg This woman is amazing beyond belief.  Her contributions to the blog world about Green Living, and parenting is unlike any other.  Her style and dedication is inspiring,  If you want a fresh voice on green living and life in general, take a stroll her way.   Thank you for my award, Meg, I could not "heart" you more.   

And last, but definately not least is the uber cool Christine at Raised Queer who gave me this:

How cool lookin is that? 
Anyway,  Christine has become very dear to my heart over the course of our bloggy friendship. You should definately check her out!!  She is an incredible woman, with an amazingly funny, honest blog.  Her sense of humour, and outlook on life is refreshing. Thank you, Christine... I'm so glad I found you ♥

So, I'm passing this along to some fellow "KICK ASS BLOGGERS"   who have contributed so much to the blogosphere with their unique voice and style, humour and charm, and still manage to spread some "comment love" my way!!!!

Otin at Wizard of Otin
BlueViolet at A Nut in a Nutshell :
Magda at I'm Just Sayin'
Amo at Where a Woman Shakes her Tablecloth
Matty at Matty Thoughts
Lori at Family Trees May Contain Nuts
Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family
Maven at A Fabulously Good Life
Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck
Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting

I'm gonna stop there for now... I'll add the rest of you later ~ And you KNOW that you KNOW who you are!!! HAH.


Tuesday, January 12

Not Me ~ err, Monday??

Yes, I know it's Tuesday.  Don't judge.

It's not like me to procrastinate ~ no way. That just leads to stress (of which I do not have) and things pile up out of control.  I do not know what that would feel like, but i'm guessing it would lead to insomnia; which I also do not suffer from.

It has come to my attention that some mothers out there are actually too exhausted some days to properly feed their children. I would never let Trinity make herself a "chocolate icing sandwich" for breafast simply becuase I was too tired/sick to get out of bed at 5:30 AM and stop her.  

Also, I would never tell Trinity to "go watch Sponge Bob"  while I finish some work on the computer. I would not tell her this even though my work was done, and was just catching up on facebook instead.  That would be wrong, and well... that's not the way I roll.  I always tell her the truth.

While tidying up her craft area, I do not throw anything out. I keep every little craft, snowflake, stick family picture, and painted toilet paper roll. I mean, c'mon people ~ those are precious memories right there. 

After bringing me my morning "coffee" that she proudly made herself from pink lemonade, chocolate sauce, coffee grounds, and salt.  I did not take it with me to the bathroom, and pour it down the drain while pretending to wash my face.
And, I did not top it off with a completely fake " Mmmm, that was yummy" comment,  just to ease my guilt.

I did not get pissed off and mumble the word "fuck" in Walmart.  And after being chastised by Trinity for not saying the word, I did not begin to debate with a 5 yr old that I said the word "frick" instead. 
And, I did not lose said debate when she did not look at me, raise one eyebrow (yes, she can do that), and say real loud, "Mommy, that means the same thing as FUCK, ya know."
To which I did not reply, "Fine, just don't tell your dad."

He reads my blog though... Frick.

(got me a new little signature thingy... yay me )

Monday, January 11

Mars or Bust

Trinity has this new thing she loves to do.  She likes to interview me (of course I have to be somebody else) and she pretends like she's Larry King or something.  It's Hysterical. 
So last night, I decided to interview her.  Here we go:

Our special guest today is Trinity.  Welcome to the show Trinity.  Always nice to see you.
So, tell us a little about yourself.  You're 5 years old,  and I see you're in kindergarten , is that right?
Yeah, but I'm almost 12. 

So, we'll start with the obvious question. What would you like to be when you grow up?
Well,  first I would like to drive an ice cream truck.  But, that's just while I'm going to Astronaut school.

Oh, really, an Astronaut.  That sounds fantastic.   And what kinds of things will you do once you are an Astronaut?
I'm going to be the first woman on Mars. 

Very cool.  And so, what kinds of things will you do there?
I'm gonna do my first Rock Star Concert ~ like maybe sing some of my songs and stuff. 
Kinda tricky though, cuz there's no gravity ~ ya know, the stuff that makes us not float away. 
So, I'll have to figure out a way to stay on the ground.
But, my Mom says the people at that Nasa place would help me invent stuff like that .

Yes, I'm sure they will.  Boy, a rock concert on Mars.  Can I come too?  
Oh sure, you can come if you want.  I'm gonna start selling tickets next week. But remember to wear warm stuff, cuz Mars is way further away from the sun, so it's really cold ~ not as cold as Pluto is though.  Now THAT would be freezing. 

You sure seem to know a lot about the planets. 
Yeah, I'd like to go to the sun after that, but it's pretty hot. I think my shoes would melt or something.

Mom, can we play Barbie's now instead?

Sunday, January 10

Pillow Talk

Last night = insomnia.  Crap on toast.
But, I was entertained...

Let me explain,
Trinity has started talking in her sleep.  I mean, REALLY talking in her sleep, not just mindless mumbles ~ real, full blown conversations, and staying true to her waking hours, she DOESN"T STOP TALKING!!

When she was younger I often wondered what babies dream about, what goes on inside their little budding minds.
So, now I'm thinking this is very cool.  A little glimpse into the mind of my child, right? 
Here are some of the highlights..

"NO WAY ~ are you serious?? That was the best you can do?  Try again, SAM .  No, no, do it like this.  If you just put it in sideways, it will work much better, and then the pickle doesn't get squished."

"I know it's hard cuz you don't have hands, but just whack it... like this" (flailing arms in the air)

"Mine is the rainbow, you can be the peanut butter."

"Ugh.. I'm pushing as hard as I can ! Why don't we just write a song about it instead."

"Okay, SAM, I'm NOT telling you again... geez, there's no such thing as ghosts here.  They only live in  Australia!!!  It's probably just a donut, or something."

"I have a great idea... go get the cow."

"Push it closer to the edge.  That way, if it doesn't fly , it can land on the toothpaste."

SAM with a pickle, some peanut butter and a cow???

Do I even want to know?

Saturday, January 9

The Chinook Wind ~ Straight Jacket Optional

Mother Nature has a sense of humour, and it's called the Chinook.
For those of you cursed blessed to live in Southern Alberta, you know of which I speak.
To those unfamiliar with the Chinook, it is a beautiful warm wind that blows in during the winter, and can turn -30 into T-shirt weather in a matter of a few hours. 

One of the most striking features is the chinook arch, which is a band of  clouds caused by air rippling over the mountains .  They can also create stunning sunrises and sunsets. It's absolutely awsome to see. 
It's a wonderful, strange event that most Albertan's look forward to.  It's our little reprieve from a long and nasty winter.

(insert Ooooh's and Ahhhh's here)

We pray for this day, we yearn for it, we celebrate it's arrival ~ and then
Like I said,
Mother Nature is a bitch has a sense of humour.
What do you mean? You may be asking yourself... cuz so far, everything seems warm and fuzzy wonderful.  

Awesome fact 1.  These warm winds have been documented to cause insomnia.

Awesome fact 2.  The legendary wind has been blamed for causing people to act strangely - even to go mad.

Awesome fact 3.  It's not unusual to hear people say the Chinook gives them a severe headache, or migraine.

Awesome fact 4.  Highly strung people may begin to shake or fidget

Awesome fact 5.  Susceptible people may suffer nervous disorders

Awesome fact 6.  Chinook winds can also increase hositle behaviour do to the change in barametric pressure.

Awesome fact 7.  Studies have shown an increase in erratic behaviour in people suffering from mental disorders.

Awesome fact 8.  This has also been known to affect local wildlife,

and domestic animals as well...

So, there ya have it.  I'm gonna kick back, strap myself in, and enjoy the melting snow.  Maybe I'll watch a good movie....