Thursday, February 25

Henry Plans Early Morning Abush, and other Adventures

Yestday was a big day for Trinity and Henry.
It started before I did.

The Agenda :
 Get up before the rest of the world,
arm yourself with camera
and plan ambush

Using stealth mode 
capture pic of Mom sleeping
and dicover she can furrow her brow at you ,
even in her sleep

Next up,
sneak downstaiars,
re-arrange living room and
enjoy "chocolate breakfast"
by moonlight with Henry.

If caught red handed,
look innocent as possible, blame the bear

Brush Henry's teeth,
insist pictures be taken

Finally lose wiggly tooth number three
while brushing own teeth

Be very proud of self

After school
Spend a quality evening with Henry
and this guy...

Come home from Daddy's,
have bath,
insist on another photo shoot 

Put Henry to bed,
Hang adorable new picture

Make weird looking thing
for Toothfairy

Tell Henry 
"Quit fooling around. It's story time"
Spend as much time as possible
saying goodnight to all stuffies.
Kiss Mom.


Henry; A Day in the LIfe

Trinity armed herself with the camera today to make her own blog post,
Heeeer's Henry...

Making moring  faces ...

... and making new friends.
LtoR:  Bobee, Barry, Henry, Scared Bear, The Frogster

 (I'm loving the Big Toe stickin' out)

then he chilled for a while...
Lucky little bear


Wednesday, February 24

Welcome, Henry. We hope you enjoy your stay

This is Henry

In Trinity's kindergarten class, they have this thing.
He's a little bear that travels the school year spending 1 week with each student.
He comes with his own backpack filled with all the 'bear necessities" ( I couldn't resist)
He even has his own toothbrush. (Huh?)

This is Trinity's week. She is super excited.
We were all set to take him on a trip to the Science Centre for
Junior Astronomer's Night,
But... due to a huge Freak Out of EPIC proportions,
Trinity will not be stargazing tonight.  Le Sigh.
Henry, however, is free to go if he likes.

Monday, February 22

Buckethead Beauty

This face . . .

. . . called ME "weird" today.
Go figure.


Well, it's that time again. . .
Another addition of

I was awesome this past week.  Awesome, I tell you.
I did NOT do anything worthy of a "Not Me" blog post.

I did not forget about any loads of laundry in the washing machine for 3 days.

I did not forget garbage day, again.

I did not forget to empty Trinity's lunch bag from LAST WEEK at school.

I did not let Trinity walk to the car in her bare feet because she refused to put her boots on. 
And I certainly did not ignore her cries that her feet were cold. 

I did not then smile to myself, knowing that putting on proper footwear when asked will no longer be an issue.


Sunday, February 21

Sunday with Dad Revisited

Memories of my childhood seem to occupy much of my thoughts this weekend.
I'm not sure why.

When I was a little girl, Sunday was my favorite day.
Everything I know about Football was learned from
Sunday afternoons with my Dad.
. . . and it had nothing to do with him teaching me.
We had a thing ~ A ritual, you might call it.
A mutually beneficial arrangment.

You see . . .
Dad loved his Sunday afternoon football.
I loved having my back tickled.
We had a system worked out.

Dad would sit in his favorite chair, then I prop myself on the footstool between his knees
while he lovingly rubbed my back, and played with my hair.
And the mutally beneficial part ?
He was able to watch the game,
and I didn't make him play Barbies, or Store, or Rockstar with me.

It was perfect.

I would sit there for hours, game after game, play after play. 
Occassionally he would get excited over a fumble or interception
and his knees would slam together, crushing me in the process.
Then we would laugh.
And the tickling would resume.

After football, while Mom made supper, Dad and I looked forward to
the one night of the week we ate in front of the TV.
He would get everything ready (which was a folding card table)
I loved to crawl underneath it, pretending it was my secret cave,
and sometimes he would join me.

WIth the aroma and sounds of dinnertime filling the room,
Dad and I snuggled in the cave for our favorite show . . .

Dad loved nature shows almost as much as he loved football.

After Marlin Perkins was done his thing, it was time for supper.
We all sat together at the card table,
and as if in her own magical way, Mom always managed to have everything ready just in time for the opening credits of....

Which was followed by another favorite. . .

Happy Sunday, Dad !!!
I love you.

Saturday, February 20

Saturday Morning Flashback

For those of us old enough to remember the magic that WAS saturday mornings,
I was going to make the entire post filled with clips from all the retro classics ...
Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Captain Caveman, Bugs Bunny ~
Well, you get the picture. 
But, I figured I would just share just one in particular.

It was one of my favorite School House Rock episodes . . .

Happy Saturday !!

Friday, February 19

Bad Blogging 101

Reasons why I have been a bad blogger this week ???  (multiple choice)

A.   I broke my left pointer finger, which prevented me from typing the letters: F, R, G, V, OR B.

B.   I lead an incredibly mundane existence, and had nothing to say.

C.   I went on a hot date that lasted 5 days.

D.   My daughter had the week off school, and . . . 'nuff said.

So, with that out of the way... I wish I knew where to begin. 
Funny thing is, I'm agonizing over this post. 
So, I'm not going to write one ~ not really.  Except to say ~

** I suck.  (There, I said it.) **

So, if I have any followers left after my absence this week, I'm off to check out all your blogs and make up for lost time. 


Sunday, February 14

Happy 'V' Day

I was all set to write a post about why I Hate Valentine's Day... but I took the high road. (snicker)  
I hope you all have a wonderful day, filled with reminders of how much you are loved and appriciated!!!

What are your plans for the Day???


Friday, February 12

Uvula ~ not to be confused with.....

"Mommy, guess what girls have that boys don't?"

"Oh look, SpongeBob is on" ( distract, distract, distract)

"Mommy!! I asked you a question.  Did you hear me? "

"Um.. well... er ~ no, I didn't." ( Play dumb... that'll work)

" I SAID, do you know what girls have that boys don't?"

"I don't know, what do we have that boys don't?"  ( Hey, Is that SpongeBob eating his own foot)


"I don't want to" ( Look, SpongeBob's eyes just fell out!! Isn't that cool!! )

"It's called a Uvula"

Ahhhh..... yes, the Uvula. Is that what she's talking about?? Or the other word with same letters, different order, different part of body entirely???  I decided to jump in with both feet.

"(Big sigh)  Wow.. you're very smart.  You mean that little dangly thing, right?  But, boys have them too.

"Pfttt, Mom.  That's called their PENIS"

This conversation is over.
Go brush your teeth.

Thursday, February 11

Black Thursday

Early this morning while running out for milk,

One of these . . .

decided to do THIS. . .

I say,  Bring it !!! 

Got any superstitions of your own???

Wednesday, February 10

Always Check the Homework

After it was graded and the child brought it home, the mom returned it to school the next day with the following note:
Dear Ms. Davis,
I want to be very clear on my child’s illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This photo is of me selling a shovel.

Scissors ?

Essay on Horses


Tuesday, February 9

Tuesday with Tom

Words cannot express how stressed out I feel today.
I will spare you a long, drawn out and dramatic post

Instead, a little comic relief and a confession ~
I love Tom Hanks ~ L.O.V.E.
I needed my fix today,
with two of my all time favortie scenes

Nobody "loses it" like Tom

The Burbs ~ LOVE
Gotta love the '60 zoom in/out thing... and yet another classic Tom "freak-out"


Monday, February 8

Sugar Highs and Lows

First of all....
I am not sitting here eating a bunch of Trinity's sour gummy worms while she lay sound asleep and blissfully unaware. 
But,  if I was doing that (which I am not), and just happened to inadvertently eat them all, you can bet that I would not be running back to the store when she's in school tomorrow to buy a replacement bag or two....(okay, maybe three...  four tops... no more than five.)

While at the corner store and spotting an ex-boyfriend walk in, I did not immediately duck and run for cover behind a Dorito's display like a lunatic to avoid being seen. 
And if that happened (which it did not), my motivation most certainly would not be on account of the fact;  I had no make up on, bandana on my head, and still wearing the pyjama's I slept in the night before.

  I did not find myself resorting to brilliantly capitalizing on Trinity's admiration for Jeremy in a patheric effort to to do some creative parenting.
For instance:
I did not get her to clean her room by telling her that Jeremy could come over for a playdate
Nor, did I tell her that eating her carrots and peas, and going to bed a half hour early will  make her skin smooth and soft.

And last but not least
 I did not scarf down like a dog pleasantly enjoy some Eggo Waffles smothered beyond all recognition with syrup, heaps of icing sugar, and a dash of cinnamon while Trintiy was at her dad's. 
Furthermore,  I did not repeat this nutritional meal FOUR times that same day, emptying the entire box (binge much?). 
And most importantly, I did not stare at the empty plate, hesitate briefly, and then lick clean the remaining gooey goodness.

Saturday, February 6

♫ ♪ It's Your Birthday ♪ ♫

This guy. . . 

. . .  is Trinity's dad. His name is Nathan.
You may also remember him from  THIS POST . 
He is a wonderful father, and Trinity's biggest FAN.



Friday, February 5

Squeaky Clean??

The other night, during bathtime, Trinity started washing her face. 
No, I mean, really washing her face. Like with SOAP and everything!! 
All I could see were these two little green eyes peeking out from a haze of purple lather.

She has never washed her face like that before ~ EVER. 

In fact, she hates washing her face. She will take one little corner of the cloth and barely dab it on her cheeks and call it done,  but there she was all bubbled up, and lovin' it ...  WTF???

After rinsing it all off, cheeks rosy from all the rubbing and scrubbing, soap residue still stuck to her left nostril,  she looked up at me with hopeful eyes....
"Mommy, does my skin look clean and smooth?"
"Umm, yeah.  Pretty much the cleanest face EVER.  Why the sudden love of soap?"
" Cuz Jeremy said pretty girls have clean smooth skin."


I don't know about you ... but 
A five year old BOY giving beauty tips to my daughter?!?!
This is all it took for her to wash her face?
When do we lose our power of persuasion over our children?
Am I destined to have a child just like I was ... ?(nothing was true my mother told me until I heard it from someone else)
Is this a single parent thing?
Does this make me an ineffective, bad mother?
Do we all question our parenting skills to this degree, or is it just me being overly-sensative and neurotic over the simple act of washing her face?
Should I just be thankful that something gave her the incentive; or be concerned that she is doing it for the wrong reasons?

Just sayin' . . .

Wednesday, February 3

Work = BOO

I suck.
I've been swamped with work this week,
which has left no time for blogging; reading or posting.

Well, actually I read through a few last night, but didn't leave any comment love.
Now, I just feel like a stalker!

I am officially bestowing the
Worlds Most Inconsistant Blogger Award

to ME.