Tuesday, April 20

Best Present EVER

I awoke to this on my pillow yesterday morning...
Picnik collage-mombday-1
Who could ask for anything more !

Monday, April 19

Saturday, April 17

I Want My Mommy...

This, is my life . . .  (minus the baby, insert grumpy 5 year old)
This, is how I feel and look... (what you can’t tell from this picture is the glands in my throat the size of golf balls)
This, is where I wish I was . . .
~ while waiting for someone to shoot me, or bring me sum soup. 

(and the Award for most pathetic Blog Post goes to . . . ) LOL

Monday, April 12

Playing Pretend ~ Leave your Ego at the Door

“Mommy, let’s play pretend.  You can be my daughter and I’ll be the mom.  So, that means I get to be bossy and wear LOTS of makeup.”


“Mommy, wanna play house with me?   Except we’ll pretend it’s clean, like Grandma’s.”


“Mommy, let’s play school.  I’ll be the teacher, and you can pretend you’re as smart as me.”


“Mommy, let’s pretend we’re twin sisters.  We’ll both be 19.  So, that means that I pretend to be older, and you get to be young again with smooth skin.”


Mommy, let’s play family.  Baby Sadie will be my little girl, I’ll be her mommy, and you get to be the Grandma because you have all the wrinkles.”


Mommy, let’s play restaurant.  I’ll be the server, you be the Chef and we’ll pretend that you can really cook.”


Hey Trinity... I have an idea.  Let’s play “Life before children”.  You pretend you’re not here, and I’ll pretend ..... 


Sunday, April 11

Two Words ~ Apple/Tree

Picnik collage-apple-tree

It really doesn’t fall that far!!!

Saturday, April 10

The Escape Artist

It happened.

I don’t know who freaked out more, me or the rodent.

I heard Trinity screaming... then, I to my horror I saw this


Hamster ball.

No hamster.

Throw some wasps and a few hairy spiders into the mix, and you have my worst nightmare come true.

But, I’m happy to say that cool heads prevailed, and we coaxed her out from under the couch with some cucumber.

No hamsters were harmed during the making of this post.

My nerves, however, are a different story.

Valium anyone???  

Friday, April 9

Crazy Weather

After enjoying a couple of weeks of what seemed like the beginning of Spring...
This happened out of the blue...
Last night the annual April storm blew in to Southern Alberta knocking out power all over the city.  We were without power for 3 hours.
It was kinda fun actually.
But somewhat freaky as well.
I felt so isolated.  No heat, no phone, no stove to cook on.

Always makes me think about Little House on the Prarie, life before all of our modern convieniences, and how much we really take for granted.

Not to mention 3 hours without checking Facebook !!!! (Oh the horror)

Tuesday, April 6

Hamster Love

Picnik collage-katey
A Hamster ball...
The greatest rodent invention EVER!!!
Still makes me want to stand on my chair with a broom, but takes the edge off a bit.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the little rodent. I can hold her, let her run up and down my arm and legs, but once she hits the floor and starts to scurry... well, I wanna do this

Monday, April 5

Where I belong

I’m starting to feel like me “mojo” is coming back slowly.
I found myself trying way too hard to be entertaining and funny, and suddenly it wasn’t fun anymore.

Then it hit me,

I remembered why I started doing this in the first place.

I remembered what the title of my blog is.



A moment of clarity.

This little goofball has once again, brought me back ...
Right where I belong ♥

Training Wheels Optional

Well... we did it. 

After much begging and pleading on Trinity’s part we removed her training wheels.

Because, after all, she knows how to do everything, and those are just

Well . . . 

“Pffft, kid’s stuff, Mom.”

Picnik collage-bike

bik1 025

Sunday, April 4

Hoppy Easter Everyone !!!!

So, it dawned on me last night after Trinity fell asleep
We never dyed any easter eggs this year!
How could I forget that?

I must have passed by a bazillion packages of egg decorating kits... totally oblivious.
Does this mean the Easter Bunny gets to skip our house, and I get to keep the treats stashed in my closet all to myself??

Maybe just a nibble....
 Happy Easter Everyone

Saturday, April 3

Bloggers Beware

Something came to my attention today
Something disturbing that I think needs to be out in the open.

In my years of blogging, I have seen a few things that I don't agree wtih here and there: bad blogging ethics, the odd catfight between bloggers. I have never posted about it, nor have I ever named names, until now.

A short while ago, a blog that I follow did the ultimate betrayal that we could ever do to each other, in my opinion.  She stole posts from us, WORD FOR FREAKIN' WORD!!! and claimed it as her own.  She also used a photo of a fellow bloggy friend's children and passed them off as her own. 

It took me all day to pick my jaw up off the floor.

I am severely disappointed in this woman, who I mistakenly considered a blog friend.  I have followed her for a long time, and always enjoyed her posts, and her comments made on my blog as well.  She was remarkably funny and genuine, or so I thought. 

Missy, at Is It Just Me
if you are reading this.  You should be absolulety ashamed of yourself.  And given the fact that you have gone private, says something in itself.  Although I do suspect it may have been from all the "negative" comments you might have received. 
Either way, I am deeply disappointed in the lack of respect you have shown to your fellow bloggers, who not only trusted you and let you into their world, but followed you loyally while you were ripping off our ideas and words. 

So, having said that.  My advice to all of you is to be aware of people like this out there.
I'm not sure how much we can really do about it, or how much it really matters in the end. 
I know what is mine, and if you're plagerizing off of me, well then I guess it's your bed you sleep in.

But bottom line, it's wrong.  It's Plagerism.  And it's shameful and a deliberate act of disrespect to those of us who share our hearts and lives openly.

I just want to thank Arizona Mama for bringing this to light.  You can read her original post HERE.
Also to Erin over at the Mother Load, who's pictures of her children were stolen off her blog.  You can read her post HERE .

I'm still shaking my head.
Any thoughts or ideas how to protect ourselves, or copyright our work... feel free to add your two cents.  And help spread the word that this will not be tolerated.
I don't even know what to say!!

Feeling so overwhelmed the last couple of weeks.
I miss blogging and all of you so much.

Instead of  a long winded post about what's been going on,
I'll just pick up from here, and move forward.

While at the petstore last week to return a fish filter that was the wrong size,
somewhere between the fish aisle and the exit sign we ended up with one of these...

and one of these

Her name is Katey...
Trin is having a great time with her.
And that about sums up the interesting stuff...

Although, I did manage to do this,

For 12 hours last night!!! That's right... 12 hours ~ IN A ROW!!!
Feel like a new woman...
Maybe my blogging MOJO just might return...
Ya never know ;)